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    Underwater hunting bg

    Zdobądź Underwater hunting zupełnie za darmo!

    Underwater hunting bg

    Underwater hunting

    Klucze do gier

    Czas wysyłki

    Do 31 dni


    Klucze do gier


    Underwater hunting:
    Plunge into the underwater world. Your character-a small fish piranha. The glory of these river predators is truly black - river killers, bloodthirsty robbers, river hyenas, sharks. And she always wants to eat.

    She has to hunt for very fast fish and very secretive, which are hidden at the bottom of the sea, in the thickets of algae. But they still need to get to swim in hard to reach places, which can also hide the danger. Sea monsters will want to eat your fish and will hunt for it. So try to stay away from them.

    When you eat other fish, the accumulated rage, which will give an advantage in the passage of the game together. Four players can participate in the co-op mode. Whoever creates the game automatically becomes a piranha. To win in multiplayer piranha should not give the fish to find the key. The fish themselves, that would have to win to find the key and some time to be near him. Good luck everyone !!!

    Peculiar properties:
    -nice graphics;
    - easy mouse control ;
    - interesting gameplay;
    - light music;
    - unforgettable adventure;
    - availability in 2 languages;
    - two game modes.