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    Nash Racing 2: Muscle cars bg

    Zdobądź Nash Racing 2: Muscle cars zupełnie za darmo!

    Nash Racing 2: Muscle cars bg

    Nash Racing 2: Muscle cars

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    Meet Nash Racing 2: Muscle cars - a Nash Racing sequel!
    The game contains minor tuning system where can paint a car and choose different wheels and tires.
    The first version contains 7 American styled muscle cars and a lot of tracks.
    The game contains new and older American styled V8 powered powerful cars, which are difficult to handle.
    Some tracks have wet road surface so they are very slippery tracks.

    The game contains 3 game modes:

    1. Time trial: Drive against time. Target to pass tracks under limited time. This mode contains 8 tracks
    2. Race: Race against easy opponents in different 6 tracks. The first version has Easy level opponents. More skilled and harder opponents coming in future updates. Some AI opponents are rookie skilled some more talented opponents
    3. Open world: Open world tracks you can just cruise in different tracks/Open World maps or try to find hidden oxygen system which is hidden somewhere in the open world and when a level is finished then the player goes back to a garage. This game mode is just for fun and testing cars and driving in open worlds. 3 open world in first version

    - Totally 17 tracks for now

    - Partial game controller support