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    You play as a bold ball that needs to run through all the hi-tech security systems. Bumping into the security bots means death, same does a fall from too high. Collect health points and look for finish blocks to go to the next level. In this game you just need get to the end of the level and avoid collisions with dangerous enemies. Some places can not be passed without using the special ability of the ball - to draw lines in the air. These lines will help the hero to move around the map more freely, climb in high places, or create an obstacle for moving deadly traps. But use this ability wisely, as the paint supply is limited.


    • Hand-drawn Graphics
    • Working physics
    • Unique gameplay
    • Drawing your way through the game
    • Simple controls

    Playing a platformer game is never going to feel more unique than while playing this one. It isnt just another platformer, it has its very own idea that has been very well realized. Lets see if you are the master of platformers.