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    FlatFatCat bg

    Zdobądź FlatFatCat zupełnie za darmo!

    FlatFatCat bg


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    FlatFatCat is a funny game with crazy cat action. This is Bruno, our man character, he is a lazy fat and sometimes a bit crazy male cat.

    Bruno wants to bring more fun and joy into his live by getting in contact with other cats. This is not always as easy as it sounds, it takes skill and patience. Sometimes there is a couch or seat in his way, in other rooms are shelves or fish tanks. You need to bounce him, like you would do in a Billiard game, over the floor and throw him in the direction of the other fat cats. If you contact the other cats they will diving over the floor as well. The goal is to resolve all same coloured cats by let them bounce together.

    How to play

    If you match two same coloured cats they will disappear. Your goal is to solve all pairs of cats within the given moves. At the point all cats except Bruno disappeared, the level is cleared – Congratulations you won! You can reach the Supercat-Mode, when you are able to finish a level with moves left! Stars and points are rewarded according to Combos. These points can be compared with friends over Facebook. Solve over 200 different level in this adventure with many different setups and very unique objects.

    Interactive objects

    Bruno’s owner is an ambitious artist. This is why it is possible some buckets of color lay on the floors. It is a big pleasure for Bruno to bounce other cats into this paint.

    His wife on the other hand is a florist, and she displays her flowers all over the floor. You can break them!

    Bruno dislikes dogs in general, but Chihuahuas are a special treat for him. Their craziness is unpredictable.

    He also has to deal with weird looking wheels from time to time. They create an enormous amount of wind, which can be hard to handle.

    Some boxes were left after tidying up – the first cat which comes to close will be occupied shredding it for some time…


    A crazy cat game with a lot of action ongoing and special Supercat-Mode is available. FlatFatCat is super cute, but it requires some skill to solve all the levels within the given moves. Can you beat all the levels and be the score leader?