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    Angry Bunny bg

    Zdobądź Angry Bunny zupełnie za darmo!

    Angry Bunny bg

    Angry Bunny

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    Klucze do gier


    Be a hero bunny and find way back to rabbit hole which is every level mission.
    Player bunny need find bomb which is locked to wooden box.
    Before bunny can get bomb he need find key which unlock wooden box that contain bomb.
    With help of bomb player can explode big carrot which is barrier between rabbit hole/level finish and player.

    Bunny need also beware different traps like spikes, spiked spores etc. Also dangerous moving enemy creatures will
    hunt angry bunny.
    Some levels falling to water or out of map will kill player. Different levels player has different amount of lives.

    Levels contains different puzzles like hidden platforms, hidden bridges etc which can activated by using different
    levers. Levels also includes different moving platforms, rotating platforms and falling platforms. so player
    need to be fast to avoid falling down.
    Game contains 19 different worlds and player start game at open world where he can walk and select any level he
    want to play.
    Finishing level player get some steam achievements


    - Several traps: spikes and spiked spores
    - Following evil enemy creatures
    - Steam Achievements
    - 19 levels
    - Training map to show game features
    - Bombs and other collectable items
    - Checkpoints
    - Moving platforms
    - Disolving and disappearing platforms
    - Rotating platforms
    - Levers
    - Puzzle, like hidden puzzles and places which need activate with levers
    - Menu level is open world map where can choose world to play