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    Zdobądź Alien Kingdom zupełnie za darmo!

    Alien Kingdom bg

    Alien Kingdom

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    Alien Kingdom is a first person city building and strategy game that weaves medieval and sci-fi atmospheres. You'll go adventuring and find villagers you can escort home to help expand your kingdom, and construct utility buildings like farms, houses & resources buildings, defensive structures like gates, towers & walls, and unit buildings that recruit and upgrade offensive units for your army. Level up to unlock new more advanced structures, new weapon types, or further control over weather allowing versatile control during combat. One or several enemy bases will periodically deploy invaders to attack your kingdom. Defeat their leaders to unlock new worlds to travel between and colonize, further expanding your empire.


    • Easy to build and alter your kingdom with no limit to how many villagers can be rescued or the number of buildings you can have on each planet.
    • Keep expanding your kingdom to increase the size and strength of your army endlessly, and order them to hold, follow or attack a certain area.
    • Fluid control over the overall game difficulty.
    • Dynamically adjust the intensity of enemy attacks to change the feel of the game, allowing you to turn it up for a base defense experience then turn it down again to continue building, go adventuring or attack an enemy base.
    • Four different worlds to explore and conquer, each with it's own unique enemies and atmosphere.
    • Interesting combat with multiple abilities, several weapon types and utility functions, as well as control over different types of weather.