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    Évaluez cet article "News from Gamehag #28 - WoWs Promotion"

    (4.1/5) 61 notes
    Misty, 10 juillet 2022 12:28

    News from Gamehag #28 - WoWs Promotion

    It’s time to start the arms race!

    Get your SG in a real battle! It is time to prepare your troops for the attack. Only this way will you be able to break through the battlefield, achieve victory, and grab war loots! Plan your activities wisely - you must complete all tasks by August 10.

    War strategy

    During the promotion, you will have a chance to open up one chest for free. All you have to do is to complete all the World of Warships tasks.

    World of Warships bonus

    Each new user can receive additional rewards after reaching the following in-game milestones:

    • 1,000,000 Credits: Fight one battle
    • 20,000 Free XP: Make the first vehicle purchase for real or in-game money
    • 1 day of Warships Premium Account: Make a second vehicle purchase for real or in-game money
    • 14 days of Warships Premium Account: Fight 20 battles
    • Free ship*: Use a promo code

    Europe realm invite code: POWER

    BONUS: German Tier IV cruiser Karlsruhe + Port slot

    North America realm invite code: TARGET

    BONUS: American Tier IV cruiser Phoenix + Port slot

    Commonwealth of Independent States realm invite code: FLEET

    BONUS: Soviet Tier IV cruiser Svietlana + Port slot

    Asia Pacific realm invite code: STORM

    BONUS: German Tier III cruiser Kolberg + Port slot

    Attention! You can use only 1 promo code, depending on the region where you live*

    Free chest

    If you meet the challenges and complete all tasks, you will receive a free-of-charge chest in which you may find a prize of 1000 on average!

    To the battle, captain!

    Complete two simple tasks and take your rewards - you deserve them. Become a nightmare for your enemies and get the title of “The best player in the battle”. We are sure you can do this - we have the best players in the World here, on Gamehag.

    Click here and enter the battle!


    Read these rules. You must know what you need to do for taking the rewards.

    1. Any natural person of legal age may participate in the Competition.
    2. Employees of the Organizer and Wargaming Group Limited cannot participate in the Competition. and companies cooperating with the Organizer as part of this Competition.
    3. The Competition is also not open to members of the immediate families of the persons referred to above (i.e. their spouses, children, parents and siblings).
    4. One participant may use one account. Any multi-account will be banned from taking part in this contest.
    5. Countries that cannot participate in the contest - Ukraine, Russia, Belarus.
    6. We will only reward additional users who have registered no earlier than one week before the start of the promotion.

    Évaluez cet article News from Gamehag #28 - WoWs Promotion

    (4.1/5) 61 notes


    cest tres cool js je ne sais pas ecrire

    17 août 2023 17:05

    Bonjour, je voudrais savoir concernant le code promo des pays du continent Afrique?

    10 novembre 2022 08:04

    c'est vraiment super intéressant

    25 septembre 2023 13:09

    tres cool

    11 avril 2024 17:48

    Le bundle comprend : La tenue du personnage Psycho;; L'animal de compagnie Claptrap; Les pioches psycho-buzz. Obtenez le skin du mythique bandit de ...

    10 décembre 2023 11:44

    Bonsoir mes amis, c'est un nouveau jeu sur cet site, mes j'ai j'amais jouer car j'ai un old pc a love you

    30 mai 2023 14:01

    salut les gent

    17 août 2023 17:06

    Tres cool

    26 juillet 2023 13:19

    😗😗saluez les petits loubar

    20 août 2023 10:54


    10 août 2023 17:25