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    Worms Clan Wars PC GLOBAL bg

    Get Worms Clan Wars absolutely for free!

    Worms Clan Wars is the next installment of the popular game series, in which main characters are armed worms. This part of the game focuses on the skirmishes of two teams. Duels are divided into turns. Each user has a limited amount of time to move. The key issue here is the artillery factor. You have to take into account the trajectory of each bullet, as well as use ricochet in various ways. A lot of emphasis was put on physics. Algorithms that determine the fall of objects are much more advanced here than in other parts of the game and have a great impact on the development of Worms.

    Worms Clan Wars bg

    Worms Clan Wars

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    Worms Clan Wars is one of the parts of the cult game series, focusing on online skirmishes of two teams of players.

    The plot of the game tells about the battles fought between small units of armed worms. The duels have been divided into turns, and each player has a certain amount of time to make a move and take an offensive directed at the enemy unit. The artillery aspect is key here. The player must take into account the angle of shooting, as well as creatively use ricochet.

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