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    SSG 08 | Sand Dune bg

    Get SSG 08 | Sand Dune absolutely for free!

    SSG 08 | Sand Dune bg

    SSG 08 | Sand Dune

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    The SSG 08 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, which is based on the famous for its high accuracy SG-1. After the update of the game, this gun will be available to all players. The weapon has a unique design with desert camouflage. It was covered with paint, using sand as a template. Exchange your Soul Gems for the SSG 08 Sand Dune. A semi-automatic sniper rifle with a high rate of fire and strong penetration. A classic and reliable rifle, which makes it an excellent choice for the beginning of the match. The weapon was covered with sand-like stickers and decorated with a wide variety of paints. Exchange your Soul Gems for the SSG 08 Sand Dune.