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    MAC-10 bg


    The MAC-10 is a submachine gun used by both factions in most of the world. It has a very high rate of fire and decent accuracy, but its best feature is the ability to be silenced. This makes it great for taking out enemies without giving your position away. Exchange your Soul Gems for this weapon and feel like a professional! The MAC-10 is a machine pistol used by special forces in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This weapon is very popular among players. It has high accuracy, but it is not very powerful. You can easily get this skin by exchanging your Soul Gems for it! The MAC-10 is a machine pistol used by many terrorists in Counter Strike. It is one of the most popular weapons in the game. The weapon is very effective and it has a good fire rate, however the recoil and spread are big and the bullet does not deal too much damage to opponents. The sound of the weapon is also unpleasant for opponents. Exchange your Soul Gems for the MAC-10 at Gamehag!