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    Change character's color based on which platform you are currently jumping
    To become the best you must show the others, how good your remembering skills are! If you`re already trained enough (or you just think so), go check out the "Musical battle"

    You have one week to gain exclusive achievements, which will never appear in a game again!

    Touching story about tragic story of a simple grey cube and life issues he`s going to bump in to on his way.

    ★ Hard (Hardcore) arcade mode only for players with fast fingers and smart brains.
    ★ Beautiful and colorful graphics
    ★ Weekly updates for "Music battle" with new achievements, as was previously discussed.
    ★ Jump up from platform to platform, changing colors with a simple swipe.
    ★ Character customization system, with various costumes and perks. It`s more fun this way.

    Have you ever consider, that even a simple arcade game character might have a backstory?
    Why is he jumping up the platforms?
    Where did those colors come from?
    Our game`s goal is to break that wall and show just how complicated the life of grey colored cube can be.