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    Star Conflict is a free to play MMO action game created by the Russian company Gaijin Entertainment. The developers have put in a lot of effort to make this game as realistic as possible. The player controls a spaceship, which can be modified in various ways, and fights against other players or computer-controlled enemies. One of the most important elements of the game are space battles, in which the player can cooperate with allies or fight alone. In addition to controls and ship customization, the player can also develop his character and improve his skills during the gameplay. Star Conflict is a 3D space combat simulator in which you take the role of a pilot of one of the more than 70 spaceships available. The game offers an extensive multiplayer mode, in which players compete for victory in various game modes. To expand the already large arsenal of equipment, you can use the premium currency - Days. Thanks to these, you can purchase new ships and modules. Star Conflict is an MMO game with elements of action and space simulators. The game is set in the far future, where humanity has colonized thousands of planets, but also encountered hostile races that want to take control over our territories. During the game you will meet many different opponents - pirates, mercenaries or even alien races. The reward is 60 premium days, which give you access to additional equipment and facilities in the game.