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    Avalia este artigo "News from Gamehag #13 - Spring into adventure and grab a new PS4!"

    (4.69/5) 145 rankings
    Misty, 14 april 2020 13:26

    News from Gamehag #13 - Spring into adventure and grab a new PS4!

    It’s time to start the journey!

    For the whole month, you have a chance to discover ancient rewards in Spring Treasures on Gamehag! Travelers with the strongest will might ever find PS4 or Cyberpunk 2077 Collector's Edition!

    To help you a little in your journey, we want to reveal a clue, which will allow you to plan your exploration!

    Thanks to this tip you won’t miss any of the Treasures:

    Spring Treasure I - 10.04

    Spring Treasure II - 17.04

    Spring Treasure III - 24.04

    Spring Treasure IV - 10.05

    Every Treasure contains more valuable items! So stay tuned and open the chest before the others do!

    It will be easier than you think!

    Amount of Soul Gems, which you have to collect is counted from the first day of our promotion, not from the date when the chest is released. That means, at the very beginning, you can collect an appropriate amount of SG to obtain valuables.

    Don’t miss this!

    During your hunt you can also:

    Get a 5% SG bonus during playing games

    Buy 10% cheaper chests

    Even a 50% discount on some chest on random days!

    Everything’s clear? That’s great! Grab your equipment and begin the search for Spring Treasures on Gamehag! Good luck!

    Avalia este artigo News from Gamehag #13 - Spring into adventure and grab a new PS4!

    (4.69/5) 145 rankings


    eu conheçi essa plataforma top a pouco tempo mais gostei demais apoio mt espero que ela cresca muito

    5 october 2020 00:46