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    Avalia este artigo "Magical occasions for Christmas!"

    (4.57/5) 46 rankings
    Misty, 20 december 2022 15:27

    Magical occasions for Christmas!

    Ho ho ho!

    This year, for the magical time of Christmas and New Year's Eve, we have prepared some surprises for you.

    From 23.12-27.12, +30% KD will apply. Earned Soul Gems will fall into your account even easier than usual!

    In addition, we will have three very interesting chests for you.

    The first of them will start on December 20. The Favourite Xmas Rewards Chest is filled with your favorite prizes.

    Inside you will find:

    • Robux,
    • Skins for CS,
    • Steam gift cards,
    • or the always needed - Soul Gems.

    To get the chest, you just need to collect 500 SG until December 30. Take advantage of this time and get your dream gift!

    In between chests, you can also visit us on our Social Media. On December 21 you can expect a rushed Santa Claus will come to active users and reward them with 1000 SG.


    The next of the chests quickly melts and disappears, but it gives you amazing opportunities! The Ice Cube chest will allow you to exchange 100 SG for 50,000 SG. Are you up to this challenge? If so, you can buy it for 24 hours starting December 28. Don't let it melt and claim a ton of SG!

    The last chest will allow you to close 2022 as it should - with the game of the year on your account! Open the chest from 30.12 and enjoy the Elden Ring game. To open it, all you need to do is get only 300 SG between 30.12 and 02.01.

    Happy New Year!

    Avalia este artigo Magical occasions for Christmas!

    (4.57/5) 46 rankings


    top gostei muito obg

    9 january 2024 01:55


    10 march 2024 13:22

    eu gostaria de pedir um presente pode me dar 500 gemas de alma para todos os utilizadores

    26 june 2023 15:04


    25 november 2023 19:35

    eu wueria um kakakakkakakkakak

    19 november 2023 22:11

    gostei muito

    13 january 2024 20:16

    top muito massa meismu

    30 december 2023 18:32

    topzera mt massa

    28 march 2024 16:12

    nossa que topppp

    21 november 2023 23:32

    Muito obrigado . Eu queria pedir uma oferta de natal podem dar 500 gemas de alma para todos os utilizadores?

    21 december 2022 12:45