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    Zdobądź krAsAvA Shot zupełnie za darmo!

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    krAsAvA Shot

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    2079 planet Earth. Together with the spacecraft conducting the expedition
    on Mars, the earth gets an unknown virus. Almost the entire population of the planet
    exposed to infection and mutated into zombies. But still people
    who were lucky enough to stay alive.
    In the game krasava shot you have to survive among the humans and zombies. The game will please you
    its nice graphics and music. In online mode there is a chat for communication that does
    game even more interesting. Only a clever and skillful can survive in this environment.
    Check yourself, can you stand up to the end and be the best? Good luck, soldier.
    The game has a cooperative mode, in one room can fight up to 10 people. In a single company you have to fight with crowds of zombies, look for weapons in boxes, break the furniture in the houses break everything! You are available for this 5 types of weapons, choose to taste?

    Controls: WASD-walking, [1]/[2] ]/[3] ]/[4] - change weapons.
    Reload-R, Raise weapon-F

    Peculiar properties:
    - nice graphics;
    - simple operation;
    - interesting gameplay;
    - light music;
    - unforgettable adventure;
    - available in 2 languages.