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    Rate this article "Why Adopt Me is overrated! (my opinion)"

    (4.33/5) 563 rates
    ae215838, 28 july 2020 17:15

    Why Adopt Me is overrated! (my opinion)

    Adopt Me is a Roblox game that was created by DreamCraft. Like many other games in Roblox Adopt Me is a roleplaying game that brings family and friends together to enjoy themselves, it has a trading system where you're able to trade objects with other players, and has an option to customize your house in the game.

    Ever since the game launched it's been considered the most popular game in Roblox surpassing the game Jailbreak which was very popular back in 2019. Adopt Me even had many partnerships inside and outside of Roblox which allowed it to gain even more fame and popularity. 

    Yes! I've asked people who actually play Adopt and took their opinions and put it in this article. If you have any thoughts please leave them in the comment section.

    Why I think Adopt Me is overrated. Pros and Cons.


    What's ~positive~ about Adopt Me!

    I love the design of this game. It's catchy and colorful and definitely looks like a happy place. Adopt Me is a game that I might have guessed just by looking at it that kids were the targeted audience, there's no doubt that all the vibrant colors and cool collectibles immediately made it stand out more to young audiences.

    Similarly, this game can enhance and develop social and creativity skills for young people allowing them to have the freedom to let their imagination take action in the game.

    DreamCraft constantly updates the game leaving players to have an endless amount of fun so if your someone who might get easily bored you might as well enjoy this game.  


    What's ~negative~ about Adopt Me.

    In contrast, many people think the Adopt Me community is impolite or toxic and can do anything to get an item or a collectible using the trading system. 

    It makes players spend a ridiculous amount of Robux during every update which can occur more than you might think especially because many kids play this game, which also explains why Adopt Me has made so much money. I think u should always have an alternative way to obtain an item other than having to pay Robux, for example, you could do a really hard hobby for a mansion or in-game currencies. 

    Because of how popular it is the game update that DreamCraft launched had caused all of Roblox to shut down which obviously angered many Roblox users, many of these Roblox users even voted for Adopt me to have its own website which is very shocking.  

    Adopt Me has ALOT of scammers which can have a large impact on the game and many people tend to get angry because of it, Adopt Me should have to think and fix the trading system, and even though it's a bad thing, many people still tend to do it which in my opinion is extremely annoying. To get scammed out of something that costed real money, or something that you worked hard for is upsetting. We have got to try and put ourselves in their shoes for once.

    Adopt Me has also been criticized for copying many other Roblox games such as Meepcity, Adopt and Raise a Baby, and Bloxburg. 


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    Rate this article Why Adopt Me is overrated! (my opinion)

    (4.33/5) 563 rates


    Adopt me is so cool game i play this every day

    18 september 2020 06:59

    Adopt me is a good game is my favorite game!

    7 august 2020 21:43

    I agree with you on the toxic people and how they will do anything for an item or pet

    30 july 2020 19:11

    Adopt Me is overrated!

    31 july 2020 00:47

    its true i got scam because of 1 item plus i hate game because i hate adopt and raise games- my opinion

    1 august 2020 15:08

    this is a good article wll done man

    31 july 2020 14:35

    good article thank you it's good

    17 august 2020 16:10

    this game so cool you can play this game in roblox my pet panda xD drrrrrrra panda panda

    30 july 2020 22:21

    Ok, good article.

    28 july 2020 17:37

    yep, agreed

    31 july 2020 10:19