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    Rate this article "The Last of Us series (Review)"

    (4.56/5) 250 rates
    Sebastian50, 12 june 2020 19:48

    The Last of Us series (Review)

    Hey guys, in this article I’m going to talk about a popular series of “The Last of Us” and share my personal opinion about them. The first version of this game was produced in 2013 and won the best game award of that year. It also got remastered in 2014 and received a DLC that’s called: Left Behind. This DLC contains an additional storyline that tells more about the young girl character: Ellie, and what she left behind.

    • Developer: Naughty Dog game studio
    • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

    As a PlayStation player I should tell most of the exclusive games of SIE are not good, they are magnificent! This company knows how to satisfies the players with its games and services. It published many successful games such as: Uncharted, God of War, Horizon, and much more series of games. “The Last of Us II” is the newest one which will get released so soon. So, let’s take a look at its previous story, the main characters and its features.


    Have you ever thought that once you wake up and see everything’s lost? Yes, this is main the story of the game, a real apocalypse full of zombie creatures and the people who try to survive! The story begins from a night in Joel’s house when our first playable character: Sarah (The daughter of Joel) was asleep. She got woke up with some loud noises, then she tried to find her father. Once she found her father, we get the control of Joel who tried to defend himself against a zombie and killed it with his gun. Now time to escape this mad city before we get killed in it. During the escaping, Joel’s daughter got shot and a big tragedy got started. (That scene was so sad that made me cry when playing it.)

    Many years later, when some people could survive from that event and made their own camp, Joel and his partner tried to find a guy who stole their guns and equipment from them without paying their costs. After that, during some events, they met Ellie. They accepted the responsibility to take care of her and bringing her to a promised place. So, a big adventure got started…



    The main playable character of “The Last of Us (Part 1)” is Joel. In the story mode of the game, he lost his daughter and tried to help Ellie to reach their goal. He loved Ellie and saw her like his lost kid, so he protected her from any harm and damage. During their journey, he found out Ellie has a special ability for not becoming a zombie, she is protected against any bitten.

    Joel met his brother and tried to get some help from him. In the end, when he brought Ellie to the promised place, he found out for discovering the cure of ending this apocalypse, Ellie had to die. So, he didn’t let this happened and saved Ellie by killing many people, and for making sure Ellie won’t get hurt anymore, he lied to her about the events he had for saving her.



    The main playable character of “The Last of Us (Part 2)” is Ellie. A young girl who tried to survive by killing bad people and hunters. During the apocalypse, she lost many of her friends and one of them was her close friend. The time when she lost her best friend, she found out about her ability. she trusted Joel and accepted the stories he told her about when she was unconscious.

    The story of “The Last of Us II” is happening many years after the story of its previous version. When Ellie is young enough to travel alone without any partner. If you have seen the trailers of this game, you probably know Joel is in the game too, and he will help Ellie in the new storyline. More information about this new game is not available, because this game hasn’t released yet and I haven’t experienced it too. So, when its finally out, we will know more about it.



    I experienced the first version of the game and I should tell you: it’s incredibly fascinating. The music, the gameplay, the story, and everything you expect to see from a game are designed perfectly. Besides “The Last of Us I” won the best game reward of the year, it is also known as the best game of decay! So, if you have the condition to play this game, do not hesitate at all. Play it today and see you will be hyped like me for the new version. And here are the scores of The Last of Us series:

    [Images source: Google]


    Rate this article The Last of Us series (Review)

    (4.56/5) 250 rates


    good article, probably won't play this game but it's a interesting topic for discussion.

    30 december 2020 18:37

    im shock this game is more brutality before the last of us 1 i give 100 star this game i love it

    28 december 2020 07:08

    I have never seen the series “The Last of Us”, so I am not well conversant with the characters, but the storyline seems to be impressive.

    22 june 2020 20:50

    the last of us 1 was great game and i loved it so much specially the online i spend for about 500 hours and i was so excited for the last of us 2 but when it release the game is trash very trash not good story not good characters and joel death man i don't want to remember that i give the game 0/10

    30 october 2020 01:29

    It is one of the great titles of play station, I am already counting the days for the second installment to finally be released, it is a pity about the leaks that were made recently, but still avoid watching any video of those and I will buy and enjoy this good game.

    20 june 2020 13:50

    the last of us best story game in world like moive

    2 august 2020 19:45

    One of the best games out there... honestly, you could have elaborated a bit more but it is totally fine. Keep up the good work!

    9 december 2020 06:43

    One of best game I have played in recent times. Good graphics and layout. It's simply awesome

    19 june 2020 14:56

    The is a well writen article. I honesly don't like the second one.

    6 july 2020 21:42

    nice article i played the last of us but this new last of us is better!

    13 june 2020 09:47