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    Rate this article "The best strategy games for consoles"

    (4.49/5) 339 rates
    Misty, 7 february 2020 14:08

    The best strategy games for consoles

    A strategy game is a game where victory is only possible thanks to a well-developed strategy, tactics and cause-and-effect thinking. There is no typical action in it. The strategy game is an ideal source of mental entertainment and not just a time filler. Do you belong to a group of fans of this type of games? Or maybe you'd like to try, but you don't know which titles to look out for? So you've come to the right place! We encourage you to read which, in our opinion, are the best strategy games for consoles!

    1. Pit People is a two-dimensional tactical strategy that takes the player to a very unusual and original universe, which combines the features of typical fantasy and science fiction solidly seasoned with a large portion of an absurd humor. The game is about struggling in turn-based skirmishes and exploring the fantastic and at the same time an absurd world of the game. The game basically happens on two plans. We spend most of the time on the battlefields, where a motley group of daredevils is being led to victory over groups of enemies turn by turn. On the other hand, between clashes, you explore the world map in real time, visit various places, accept missions and initiate further skirmishes. All this is intertwined with collecting gold and items, developing character skills, changing their appearance, etc. The foundation of the game is the story campaign. It is possible to enter the two-player cooperation mode or compete with four players at once. The game has an interesting graphic design in a cartoon convention. However, despite the pleasant style, the game is much more brutal than the traditional cartoon.

    2. Prison Architect is an economic strategy containing elements of RTS. The game allows you to play the role of the director of a penitentiary institution, i.e. simply a prison. The game begins with the design of the facility, and then the player's task is to manage it wisely and expand. After the construction is completed, the first prisoners are sent to the plant. Take care of their needs - meals, access to showers or walks. Parallel to them, guards and a security system should appear in prison. The player should keep a balanced budget in mind - with each new accepted prisoner, the inflow to the bet's account increases, but expenses also increase. In addition, the game is diversified by prisoners who have their own characters and personalities. This should also be borne in mind, as improper treatment can result in a riot, which will cost the warden dearly.

    3. Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game the universe of which is set in a unique and interesting 1920+ diesel punk world, born in the mind of the outstanding Polish artist Jakub Różalski. The game is an alternative vision of reality, where after the end of armed conflicts, huge machines have become an integral part of the landscape and fit into human everyday life. The game puts great emphasis on tactical military operations. A total of over 20 missions are available to players, which can be cooperated or alone. You can compete with others thanks to the introduced multiplayer mode. The game has a very original style. Special details deserve special attention.

    4. Surviving Mars is a game for anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to be on Mars. The game is a loose interpretation of this dream. The essence of the game is the construction and management of a pioneering Martian colony. The game can be qualified as a strategic economic game in the genre of a city builder, which is set in the realities of science fiction. The game presents an interesting challenge to the player. He must take care of a number of aspects that affect the success of the project, e.g. access to oxygen and other resources without which life is impossible, maintaining constant access to electricity, etc. Bringing the settlement to the time when it can accept the first inhabitants is not easy. Even if the games are already successful, the player should be on his guard and carefully watch everything, because any failure carries a huge risk to our settlers. Gameplay is not easy, but it gives a great satisfaction when you succeed.

    5. Monopoly Plus is a well-known classic game transferred to the realities of multimedia. The game is based on the same scheme as in the original, i.e. moving the pieces by as many fields as the number of points indicated by the rolled cube. During the game, real estate is traded, new buildings are erected, and all this in order to accumulate the largest fortune and bankrupt your rivals. The game allows you to play alone, as well as up to six people. Multiplayer is also possible via the Internet. Then you can take challenges with players from around the world.

    Rate this article The best strategy games for consoles

    (4.49/5) 339 rates


    wow very cool game its like

    17 february 2020 09:48

    Oh I thought this was CSGO for some reason!!!

    16 february 2020 20:36

    arkadaşlar bu makaleyi cok sevdim ben oyun oynamasını seven bir insanım bu makalede tam bana göre

    29 march 2020 11:46

    Nice article very well one gelped me a looooooooot

    16 february 2020 09:34

    nice fwer rman artclie nice popo

    11 march 2020 13:09

    this list was much entertaining...
    informative to explore the games!

    16 february 2020 21:27

    Ohh i like consoles

    9 april 2020 12:14

    I like free fire on mobile

    16 december 2021 11:47

    great article,great job

    28 march 2020 12:19

    yes ilove your video yes

    21 february 2020 09:37