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    Rate this article "Small Screen - Big Game. How Mobile Devices Won the Hearts of Gamers."

    (4.45/5) 278 rates
    Misty, 8 december 2023 12:45

    Small Screen - Big Game. How Mobile Devices Won the Hearts of Gamers.

    Many gamers did not believe that porting games dominated by computer screens to the displays of smartphones and tablets would become possible. This lack of faith in the possibility of playing favorite, large games on mobile devices stemmed, among other things, from the technological limitations of the latter. However, over time, everything is changing. Numerous mobile versions of large titles have emerged, allowing users to experience the emotions characteristic of PC or console games right on the small screens of smartphones.

    Football Manager 2023

    Mobile Football Manager 2023 Mobile is the mobile version of the popular PC football management simulator, catering to players who enjoy the desktop edition. Adapted to meet the requirements of mobile devices, it features simpler graphics, positively impacting menu clarity and transparency. However, the matches are still presented in 3D. Football Manager 2023 Mobile offers a complete ball management experience with simultaneous touch controls, placing this simulation high among similar games available on mobile devices. The game was developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega.

    Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

    Baldur’s Gate is a legendary game based on Dungeons & Dragons rules, harking back to the 90s. Many appreciate it for its incredible atmosphere. Fans of the game unanimously claim that it's a gem among RPGs, attributing this to its well-crafted story and charismatic characters. Despite being an older game, it remains excellent and allows enthusiasts to immerse themselves in it, even years after its original release, thanks to technological advancements enabling gameplay on mobile devices. The developer and publisher of the game is Beamdog.

    Dead Cells

    Deadly Roguevania-style gameplay on a smartphone? Why not! The combination of roguelike and metroidvania genres proved successful in the PC and console versions, which eventually led to the game being released for PlayStation. It later premiered on iOS mobile devices and, finally, became available to Android users. The developers consistently strive to offer new DLCs or updates with free content, all aimed at enhancing the mobile gaming experience. With beautifully animated 2D pixel graphics, this stunning slasher serves as an excellent mobile addition for any genre fan. The creator and publisher are Motion Twin Studio.

    Vampire Survivors

    This title has won the affection of many players. If you're looking for a game on the Switch that will provide excellent entertainment, feel free to give it a try. Do you use a phone or an iPhone? For the mobile version on iOS and Android, you won't pay a single penny; it's entirely free. If you love engaging 2D games where the essence is to survive as long as possible, defending against hordes of enemies, this will be the perfect choice for you!

    Dragon Quest VIII

    Japanese studio Square Enix moved heaven and earth to bring its iconic jRPG game series to mobile devices. Therefore, a refreshed version for Android and iOS devices became a reality. Changes compared to the original include, for example, a shift in perspective to portrait view and the implementation of a new quicksave system. The controls have also been changed to be more convenient, intuitive, and adapted to mobile devices, allowing for one-handed character control, and automatic running has also been added.

    The era of mobile games has reached a turning point. Thanks to mobile versions of "big" games, we have the opportunity to step into full-fledged worlds and gameplay that were previously reserved exclusively for desktop computers and consoles. This is a new reality where virtual worlds are always with us, and our pocket, where we keep our smartphones, becomes a gateway to endless adventures.

    Elaborate stories, intricate mechanics, and graphics draw us into their universes, and the boundary between what is mobile and what is stationary becomes increasingly blurry. Gamers are already rubbing their hands in excitement! One thing is certain: the mobile revolution in the gaming world is still ongoing and brings us countless possibilities. Here is a new world of entertainment at our fingertips. Should you be looking for certain titles it is always good to look for discounts and special offers. Be sure to check GG.deals and enjoy your games at lower prices.

    Rate this article Small Screen - Big Game. How Mobile Devices Won the Hearts of Gamers.

    (4.45/5) 278 rates


    nice articel

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    hard to play fps on mobile

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