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    Rate this article "Opera GX - browser for gamers"

    (4.57/5) 770 rates
    Misty, 28 october 2021 13:31

    Opera GX - browser for gamers

    Opera browser is very interesting and worth all the attention. Today we will answer the question whether it is worth using. Is it certainly better than Google Chrome and other similar browsers?

    Why Opera?

    The Web browser from Opera uses much less computing power than the competition. This means that we can browse the web easier and, what is important, faster. Creators help us by blocking ads, that is what annoys the user the most. Free VPN is also worth mentioning. What does it mean? We can connect through a virtual private network absolutely for free. Such a network protects your online privacy and the Internet connection by encrypting data. In Opera, there is also an option to take a screenshot without using keyboard shortcuts. Just hover your mouse over the camera icon, click on it with the left button and then select the desired area and you can enjoy a well taken screenshot. There is also an option to extend battery life. This is usually useful when we work on Android or IOS.

    Opera as a math teacher

    This application also has an interesting option that allows you to quickly calculate the dimensions of the poster. It is also equipped with a function that converts time zone currencies and units (e.g. length, mass).

    Browser customization

    As we well know some browsers have the ability to change the appearance of the main menu, and more. Opera also has such a function! Besides, we also have the possibility to disable the sidebar view as well as the bookmarks bar. An interesting feature is that we can add our own wallpaper to the start screen of the browser. While changing the look of the browser we are limited only by our imagination!

    Additional functions

    The discussed browser has on the sidebar applications such as Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp. It is also worth mentioning that we have very easy access to the browsing history (click on the watch icon on the left). Opera also allows us to easily listen to music through the player. As a result, you do not need to enter a dedicated application for this. All this is available in Opera.

    Other creations of the creators of the browser

    The creators of the popular browser have also created Opera GX. It is designed for gamers and has features with them in mind. It is also worth adding such applications as Opera News, which offers us the latest local news, and Opera Mini, which is a much faster browser than the others.


    The presented browser is very interesting especially for gamers and people looking for a more efficient alternative to Google Chrome. Also noteworthy is the option that allows us to quickly convert currencies without going to special websites, and a well-developed sidebar. One of the many advantages is the presence of applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram on the sidebar. I personally highly recommend using Opera in the long run! :)

    Additionally, downloading Opera GX through Gamehag means additional Soul Gems! You can download the browser for gamers here: https://gamehag.com/games/opera-gx

    ~Bartkeczek, Gamehag Moderator

    Rate this article Opera GX - browser for gamers

    (4.57/5) 770 rates


    I think Opera GX is better then Google Chrome.

    4 february 2024 19:27

    Opera browser is great as it takes less space on the hard drive memory which makes it easily to run on older computers and its quite secure as well .Secondly it has many features which you had mentioned them.So its a great brower definitely worth a try.

    15 december 2021 15:14

    it is better than chrome it doesn't eat that much RAM

    16 november 2021 15:14

    The free game is also fitting, since Opera GX is a browser specifically designed for gamers

    1 december 2021 03:41

    super experience and opera browser is very good experience. I like opera :)

    12 december 2021 13:01

    I have used Opera GX for a year or two and I love it. It's weird that I haven't noticed the screenshot feature but because I read this, now I do. The free ad block is a good feature and it works well.

    15 december 2021 08:04

    The higher the person rises, the clouds and tribulations surround him...

    9 november 2021 00:41

    its the first gaming web brouser for gamer in advertising

    30 october 2021 19:16

    I have used it on my PC its of no use instead brave browser is the best. In all aspects in terms of speed, privacy etc.

    29 october 2021 14:31

    Opera browser is good, light and fast, great article, thank you...

    5 november 2021 20:43