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    Rate this article "Natural Survival Disaster - Review"

    (4.53/5) 836 rates
    TheRighteous1ne, 11 november 2021 07:48

    Natural Survival Disaster - Review

    Natural Survival Disaster - Review


    It is still one of the best games in Roblox that can be still found in the Discover Page which become popular mostly for the new users or players who joined Roblox. This was made by StickMasterLuke and it is known to be a massive multiplayer game that is a round based survival type where it consist of 30 maximum players to be joined.

    It was said that this game was a empty space lot in November 2011 which is named "Disaster Testing" before it was fully released in December 2011 and it has reached 1 Billion Visits in the year of 2020.

    Yet, The concept of this game is to "Survive" for each round of disasters that occurred in different maps. Eventually, the occurrence of the disasters may depend that would appear once, twice or multiple but, surely, rest of the details will be tackled soon.

    (Thumbnail picture from Natural Survival Disaster)

    (In-Game Picture of Natural Survival Disaster)



    The game doesn't use much of a higher graphics and it has a right amount of assets (which is the parts, scripts and more) which still run smoothly for the players without upgrading their graphics card because it doesn't much use of a realistic textures and the game design is simple and plain which it is still enjoyable.


    The game starts with the players spawning at the "Spawn Tower" which is located near the the disaster area(it is a place where the actual game begins), the players are able to spectate while the disaster is on-going or just wait for another round to begin with. Now, if a player has lost all his Health during the disaster or clicking the reset at any time. The player will also spawn back to the tower which he/she may also wait or spectate.

    When it comes to joining the round, the main objective is to survive the disasters which you may likely run, evade, hide, or any actions that you do which depends on the disasters that you will encounter. Thus, Every map that you will be spawn has it's own things to be interact as the map has a different theme of places. Once you finished the round, you're numbers of survivals would increase in 1 in the leaderboards( which is seen at the your right side of your game or top of the "Spawn Tower" ). Also, the leaderboards are ranked on 1 to 10 order which shows the most survivals, if you want to have a name at the top then you should carefully survive for numerous survivals in order to achieve it.

    Yet, the game would go on a cycle of different disasters in a different maps and sometimes there is a rare encounter where you will be set on a same map or disaster too.

    The collision among the players is present that the players are able to bump each other so be careful going on the places that you may likely fall because there are fall damage in this game which depends on the height (the higher you fall, the more decrease of HP you will get.)
    (Picture of a leaderboard at Spawn Tower)

    As the many events that you may encounter or survive, There is also a reward that you be given which is known as the badges that you may obtain if you achieve the requirements of the badge - in example where you are need to have 5 Survivals in order to be rewarded with a badge.


    At the tower, you may even encounter a starter items that will give you a power-up or any benefits but it somehow cost for a right price and you may also find it on the gamepass section if you want to see more of it.

    Here there 4 in-game items that you can acquire:
    1. Red Apple -  it is known as an healing item that would give you an increase of HP for every bite of consumption but it has a 5.5 seconds Cooldown so it is advised to used it wisely. It is also very helpful for the disasters such as the Blizzard, Acid Rain, or Infection that would give you more damage in shorter time.
    2. Green Balloon - this item grants you to have a higher jump, a slow fall, and a small fall damage. This is useful to use when it comes to the disaster of Flash Floods or Tsunamis. Tip: If you used the balloon on a very high ground such as the "Twin Tower" in Modest Headquarters Map, it will somehow popped which is temporary only.
    3. Yellow Compass - It can be obtain through gamepass or Mysterious Golden Gift, This item will give you an ability to vote 1 to 3 maps for the next game. If a selected map has the most votes among the 3 then it will also be  chosen as a next map for another round.
    4. Power-Up Machine - Now, this is the thing that gives a more challenging experience because this item has an ability to start a round of "Multiple disasters" which cost for each time of use. For every time this machine is powered, the more of disasters will come which is the maximum of 7 disasters.

    It is said that the "Multiple disasters" can only occur when there is a multiple disaster round that occurs for every 3 rounds.


    The maps are usually designed which may be small or large to be played. It consist of 21 maps to get on touch such as:

    Happy Homes - It is shows a 2-story house with a red roof then a seesaw,and a slide near the house.

    Sky Tower - it is a place where it has a 16-story Skyscraper that has a sparkling rod at the top,also, there are some floors that has an exits for a player to leave.


    Modest Headquarters - It is a place where the Twin-Tower Building with a connecting bridge to be is seen which is also a remake of "Roblox HQ Tower" and each floor has it's own designated area.

    Yet, there are many more maps to be known which i didn't put it all because it is too many.


    For every disaster, each has it's own kind which depends on the activity that would harm you the most or less.

    Here you will see the list of disasters and it's description based on my findings:

    Flash Flood - it a kind of disaster that rises the water level for a shorter time which destroys the structures(mostly the higher ones) and it will give you a large decrease of HP if you are submerged for too long. From my experience, it is the hardest disaster for me as i have lost from this for a lot of tries.
    It is advised that you should act fast and go to a stable structure that would unlikely fall.
    (Picture of Flash Flood with players left in Arch Park Map)

    Tornado - it is a kind of disaster that will swept you to a higher ground along with the structures that will also give you a low chance of survival because it has a large fall damage. Yet, You will likely lose a limb or hair when you are caught or near in tornado.

    (Picture of a Player during a tornado in Fort Indestructible Map)

    Fire - it is a kind of disaster that occurs to spread all over the map which gives you enough damage enough when you contact with fire. It is best advised if you stay away from it and avoiding such structures that may be spread from a fire would give you enough time to survive.qiPoW44Id22ygZo2ZKZpJoQupCWaCc.webp
    (Picture of Aftermath fire in Surf Central Map)

    Thunderstorm - it is kind of disaster where a lightning struck at some places and there are chance of getting hit by the lightning if you're in a high place or an open area. For me, It is best to stay indoors which the lightning won't strike much in that place. Yet, you may lose some limb if you are directly or nearly hit from it.

    (Picture of a player getting hit from a thunderstorm)

    Meteor Shower - it is a kind of disaster that shows a meteor looking like a meatball that would strike down and give a powerful blast to the structures especially the players within it. The great way to avoid it is to go in a clear place and observe the direction of the meteor strike because if you are near to it, you will lose your limbs and HP or probably get flung by a flying debris from an impact.

    (Meteor Shower in Safety Second Map)

    Tsunami - it is a kind of disaster that shows a drifting large of wave that would swept the place in a jiffy. It is best to get on a high ground while the tsunami isn't near yet or jumping on a time when it strike would give you a chance to survive. If you touch the wave in the tsunami, you will somehow lose all your HP so be careful not to touch it.

    (Raving Raceway Map getting swept by Tsunami)

    Blizzard - it is a kind of disaster where you will slowly lose your HP if you don't have a cover to protect yourself from the cold. This phenomenon is identical when the weather shows to be a foggy one. Best way to survive this is to stay indoors.

    (Blizzard in Party Palace Map)

    Sandstorm - it is identical to the Blizzard but somehow it will show a large blow of wind that would swept the debris away from the structure which you are likely to get hit when facing on the blowing direction. It is best advised to go to a clear place or opposite of the wind direction in order not to get swept along with the objects.

    (Picture of Sandstorm in the game)

    Acid Rain - It is a kind of disaster that will make the structures go dark till it is fully green which will also destroy it. Be aware that the objects affected by an acid rain would also decrease your health so avoiding it would be preferable. Otherwise, choosing a best cover would be the trees because it has less effect from acid rain.

    (Aftermath of Acid Rain in Party Palace Map)

    Volcanic Eruption - it is a kind of disaster that is destructive when it emits a large brick of lava that would eventually break down the structures so going away from the volcano is the best choice than going indoors.  In addition, you may also climb the volcano from the bottom that will also increase your chance of survival.

    (Volcano Eruption in Arch Park)

    Earthquake - it is a kind of disaster that would force the ground to shake and  it would likely collapse building and get swept away from the map. It is best advised to stay awake from shaking bricks and buildings that would damage your HP enough.
    (Picture during an Earthquake)

    Deadly Virus-  it is a kind of disaster where a player becomes the host of the virus which is identified to be a purple one, thus, getting infected from that player will give a decrease of HP due to the symptoms that player have if he/she have a contact on the virus. The best of way of surviving this is to isolate yourself from the other players who contracted the virus that will increase your chances of survival.
    (Picture of a deadly virus in the game)


    To conclude, this game is a simple game that features a lot of things such as the Disasters, Map and others that it is a best game for me to write a review on it. It is very interactive and fun when it comes to multiplayer where you get hang along with people where all of you are surviving in the round. It is a plain masterpiece for my opinion as it somehow old but it is still gold to be seen.

    side note: this is my first time making an article and some information are still need to be presented, somehow, this is just my general summary/review of the game.

    Yet, Thank you for reading this article and have a good day

    Rate this article Natural Survival Disaster - Review

    (4.53/5) 836 rates


    very old roblox game.

    27 december 2022 14:59

    This game is very cool, so with friends better than you play alone

    6 november 2022 06:48

    "You're" should be "your". Also, three quarters of this article is just a list of item.

    11 november 2021 18:13

    This is a good game. The memories are flooding back.

    Might go back to have fun at it. Thank you for the article.

    9 december 2021 12:14

    This was actually one of the first games.."experiences" I played in Roblox. oh good old times... Nowadays I dont play it anymore, I kinda got bored of it...

    18 november 2021 15:18

    good work this is really good. I still remember the days that me and the boys where playing this game after school. I want to go back to that time

    19 february 2022 22:55

    The nostalgia tho, but anyway this game is such a basic game but it's so fun, well the concept is simple idk about the scripting, nowadays tho games are just simulators with such a minimalistic design or games that have tryhards in it.

    22 november 2021 02:38

    Wow, very nice and easily detailed article, you did it right on the spot, just started playing this game and its actually pretty fun. thanks for this article. :)))

    10 december 2021 03:50

    Great article! It's very helpful for people who are new to Natural Disaster survival, it has all of the basics you need. Good work :]

    8 january 2022 16:09

    Okay, now THIS was by far my MOST played Roblox game back in the day. Man, those were good times. 10/10 article right here.

    17 november 2021 08:07