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    Rate this article "Minecraft 1.16 Newest Update From Mojang"

    (4.6/5) 607 rates
    karltan, 27 april 2020 12:08

    Minecraft 1.16 Newest Update From Mojang

    Minecraft 1.16 is not released yet. But you can play it on the snapshot. It focuses on the Nether Biome which Mojang added new Oresnew Biomes, and new Mobs. I'll Explain the recent update on this article.

     Note: This article is NOT copied from Wikipedia all of the highlighted words are related with the recent update

    • Ores
                      Nether Gold Ore                                                Ancient Debris                                                 Gilded Black Stone 

    • Nether gold ore
              Whenever you are Mining a Nether Gold OreNether Gold Ore gives you a small experience and gives 2-6 nuggets. you can transform the Ingots that you have obtained in Nether Gold Ore into gold to trade them to Piglins or make Netherite.

    • Ancient debris
              Ancient debris on the other hand is hard to find in Minecraft. You can either mine at the location of Y- 11 or use Tnt to blast away Netherracks to Find ancient debris. Ancient debris DOES NOT burn on lava or blown up BUT you can still get damaged even if you used the armor (Ironic isn't it?). Its hardness is like obsidian but obsidian is a lot harder than Ancient Debris. After finding 4 Ancient Debris you can smelt them then you can now make Netherite. Now to make Netherite you need 4 scraps and 4 gold. You can use Smithing Table to upgrade your diamond equipment to Netherite Equipments (with enchantments depending on what your armor or tools enchantment)
    • Gilded Blackstone 
              Gilded Blackstone gives 2-5 gold nuggets (without fortune). and can be found in the Bastion (i'll, later on, describe each biomes and Structures)

    Newest mobs

            Mojang added 4 hostile and passive mobs. These 4 mobs are PiglinsZombiefied piglinsStriders, and Hoglins.
             Strider                             Zombified piglins                         Zoglins                                       Piglins                                     Hoglins
    • Strider
              Striders are passive mobs they don’t attack you once you go near. Strider gets unhappy when it reaches on the ground their appearance will get changed turning them into a grey and they’ll shake (like getting out of the pool)They can be Rideable if you have saddle and fungus in a stick.

    • Zombified Piglins (Trivia: Zombified Piglins are Zombie Pigmans but they rename the old pigman into Zombiefid Pigman!)
              Zombified Piglins are Piglins that turned into zombies because of entering the nether portal. Piglins are afraid of Zombiefid Piglins which adds another weakness to Piglins
    • Zoglins
              Zoglins are mobs that went to the nether portal It Can’t breed and scare away mobs (some mobs) or you can also name them as zombie Hoglins.

    • Piglins
              Piglins are both passive and hostile if you don't wear any gold piece of armor you’ll get attacked, if you hit one of them They'll attack too, if you opened a chest near them they'll attack. Sometimes if you attack Piglin’s Hoglin they attack you but i rarely see Piglins having Hoglins as their pets or whatsoever because hoglins are afraid to go to piglins territory. Piglins are afraid of blue light. They attack wither skeleton Too!

    • Hoglins
              Hoglins are Hostile Mobs when you go near it. Usually hoglins are always in packs and you’ll see some following piglins. They drop leather and pork chops. They attack other mobs like wither skeleton and have children. They avoid piglins and nether portal because it would turn into Zoglins.

    • Biomes
              There are few biomes that Mojang added.
                      Warped Forest                                           Soul Sand Valley                                              Crimson Forest
    • Crimson Forest
              The Crimson forest acts as the normal forest in the Overworld like Oak, birch, spruce, and other forests available in the Overworld. There are many resources there and you can even start making trades because it is well known as Piglin’s territory. it has a Red Fog at the Background
    • Warped Forest
              Just like Crimson forest. The Warped forest is a forest that is colored blue it is home of Endermans (not home but I see a lot of them scattered) and can affect the speedrunners because they can farm many pearls instead farming in the desert (the spawn rate in Crimson forest is a lot more Higher than desert biome). There’s actually a new structure in Warped Forest and it is BastionsBastions are structures made by piglins. And there are treasures (gold blocks, ingots, pieces of armors, Enchantments, pigstep the newest disc in Minecraft)and other more new blocks. It has a Dark Blue Fog at the Background
    • Soul Sand Valley
              Soul Sand Valley are valleys that have Soul Soil and Soul Sands. once Soul Soil and Soul Sand are ignited with flint and steel or ghast’s fireballs the result of the fire is blue unlike igniting the nether rack. it has a blue color in the background
    • Basalt Deltas
              Basalt Deltas are composed of Basalt a type of new block once ice and lava interacts and Blackstone can be used as cobblestone
    Basalt Deltas has a Snow like weather but the falling particles are ashes. it has a whitish color in the background

    And That's it for This article Once this article is approved i am going to make more article regarding with Mojang's updates. I would make more article once I get more information in the game I am discovering new blocks, mobs and some location to get Ancient Debris

    Rate this article Minecraft 1.16 Newest Update From Mojang

    (4.6/5) 607 rates


    awsome article very good and best game ever :)

    23 june 2020 14:00

    is best update in the game (_"_

    27 may 2020 11:13

    Minecaft is the best game in earth!!

    7 may 2020 09:17

    Thanks for the information!

    23 may 2020 14:44

    Even if its a bit more well made the details in Minecraft, I still don't like the game. But it's a nice thing to have new packs for the players. Interesting review and with the pictures, the concept is better expressed.

    29 april 2020 19:57

    I've had minecraft ever since it came out. It has evolved so much in the past years :D

    1 may 2020 01:38

    My favorite update.

    3 may 2020 13:27

    Dazed and I will be in the

    3 may 2020 07:05

    I can't wait to experience these updates for myself

    30 april 2020 03:23

    I usually play minecraft multiplayer, and not survival. Could you maybe consider making an article about best minecraft servers? Thanks.

    30 april 2020 21:06