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    Rate this article "Is League of Legends worth your time in 2017?"

    (3.5/5) 10 rates
    JohnAricsson, 23 september 2017 09:47

    Is League of Legends worth your time in 2017?

    League of Legends is one of the most popular game in both MOBA and F2P genre.But is it worth your time in 2017?I think it isn't and here are some reasons that you should consider before playing League of Legends.

    Toxic community
    LoL community is one of the worst and most toxic community ever.I have never met such toxic people in any online games.If you make one little mistake while you are playing a match, the toxic players will start badmouthing you and sometimes will tell you to uninstall the game.From the start where you are placed in the matchmaking lobby people starts arguing about lanes and roles.Then after the game starts if things doesn't go the way they want they will start trolling and feeding.Your team members will ask the enemy to false report you and the enemy sometimes agrees and when they report you,you get punished for doing nothing.I feel like playing normal's is like asking to be reported.This is the part that I hate the most.I mean why the community can't just be friendly and lets you enjoy a game even if your losing.Even if you mute the toxic players they will spam pings to annoy you but good thing that you can mute pings too in 2017.But there are some good people and because of them you will feel like playing the game more.I wish everybody was Good and freindly.

    I know it's bad to leave a online game and ruining your teammates game.But i think riot should fix their leaverbuster system because it sucks.There are some games where you are placed with some toxic players or you are just having a bad game and your teammates  starts flaming you and you will feel like leaving the game but you can't because you will be punished.You have the option to surrender at 20 minute but your teammates won't surrender and they will start flaming more.Riot is forcing you to play a game that you wanna quit and thats why leaverbuster sucks.After you receive leaverbuster you will feel like this game is no fun,I will play another fun game.Riot is killing its own fanbase.

    Pay to win
    If you think league of legends is free your greatly mistaken because the game is pay to win.No, its not the skin.Skins are acceptable  because riot of course needs money.But its the runes.The runes are so costly and if you wanna save up IP it will take you so long.The runes affects your gameplay so much because of the boosts the runes gives you and if you wanna be good you need runes faster and because of that you will be forced to buy rp and buy runes because it's the fastest way.After you have runes you will do significantly better because of the boosts you receive from runes.

    Reports are the worst thing in league of legends.Riot doesn't care about their fans and so they punishes them sometimes for no reason.Like i mentioned if your having a bad game your teammates will report you and if its more then 3 reports riot won't check if you have done anything wrong or not.They will punish you instantly which is unfair if you haven't done anything.I had experienced this where my teammates were mad at me because I was having a bad game and I got reported by my teammates and I got suspended.So i created another account and received a chat restriction for no reason.So my opinion is riot should care about their players not about their money.

    After the releases of new champion they are broken and unbalanced because riot deliberately releases new champion unbalanced and overpowered So that you will waste your money on the new champions and then they will nerf it so much so that you won't be able to play the champion again and you have to buy other champions.The masteries sucks especially the thunderbold.It's so broken and unbalanced.

    Tank champions have always been so strong.You can be tanky as much as you want and still do damage like crazy.ADC's are the weakest at the moment because they get killed by a tank or other champions easily.While your a tank you can 1v5 because you have enough health to take damage and then do damage at the same time.People doesn't wanna support because it's boring but support has a great influence over match.But people just won't co-operate with team and choose the free role.They will double mid or double top but won't change the role they want which is one of the reasons people loses their matches.

    League of Legends isn't the game once it used to be.It completely sucks in 2017 and no fun.But still if you are a fan then go ahead and play.I won't stop you.But you should consider the things i pointed out in this article.

    Rate this article Is League of Legends worth your time in 2017?

    (3.5/5) 10 rates


    this is one of my fav games to play with my friends

    13 august 2021 18:03

    Well, no MOBA is truly balanced, but yeah, those runes... Here's the thing: "Would you a new rune to fill your sheet with and keep up with other players at your rank OR would you like to buy this awesome but expensive champion and get flamed at for not having any runes?"

    25 september 2017 14:44

    It's still worth it even today!

    21 february 2020 09:40

    LOL is not a good game

    9 june 2020 07:19

    Dota is even worse, it's LoL for poor people and hipsters.

    27 september 2017 11:33

    LOL players are so toxic

    8 july 2020 19:24

    nice article

    22 june 2021 17:22

    Even though it has been a lot of time since you posted this article, I wanna mention that you did a really nice job and that you helped me and probably most people to climb up and get better at the game. Thank you for the tips and keep up with the nice content. 💯

    9 december 2020 17:40

    Dota is even worse, it's LoL for poor people and hipsters.

    10 september 2020 10:03