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    Rate this article "GTA Online"

    (4.49/5) 787 rates
    ImNotZoli, 31 july 2020 09:29

    GTA Online

    GTA Online is part of the GTA V and there are lots of things to do there.

    First steps:

    first you need to make your own character. You can make it look like you wish. You can make your characters hair, eyes, and you can put on the clothes that you want to see on him or her. You can change your appearence later at the clothes shop as you wish.

    Second step:

    After you did the tutorial you will be able to buy houses, garages, cars or rob stores and do missions. You can do exciting missions with your friends, crew members or with random people.


    If you want to join a crew you need to open the social club form the menu and choose one or create one and invite your friends. Crew members can do missions and heists together. If you're a crew member you can invite other crew members to races, deathmatches and game sessions.


    You can get money if you do missions. Look for missions with double cash to earn double money. The mission points are always shown on the map. If you buy a house you can go heists from the heist room too. Lester will call you if there will be a job to do. You will always need a car to get easily to the mission points.

    Spending money:

    In GTA Online you can spend money for cars, houses, garages, guns and facilities. There are some free things too for the starter players. You can buy the cars and the houses from your phone from internet websites. Guns are available from the Ammunations that are on the map. For starters the recommended guns are the micro SMG and the SMG. If you think you got too much cash you can deposit it at the ATMs there are placed on the map. If you buy things from the internet it you will need to pay from your money that are deposited at the ATMs

    Other ways to get money:

    You can get money if you rob stores that are on the map. There are more than twenty stores on the map but if you go back to one that you robbed the cashier will recognize you, so you can rob a store only once. You can also buy snacks from the stores to heal up when you got hit. Another way to get money if you steal cars and sell them at the Los Santos Customs. You can only sell one in an hour but there are for places where you can do it. You can also customise your car there.

    Other things to do:

    In GTA Online you can have a rest by playing golf or tennis or go to the cinema. If you would like to party you can go to a striptease bar or go to the Diamond Casino and try your luck by playing roulette, poker or play with slot machines or spin the lucky wheel to have a chance to win huge rewards.

    Daily objectives:

    There are daily objectives to do every day and if you do all the three of them you will get money. If you do the objectives every day you will get bonus money and for players who play every day it is very profitable.

    Rate this article GTA Online

    (4.49/5) 787 rates


    well it ain't starting for me

    1 august 2020 14:48

    how to download gta

    17 september 2020 15:58

    GTA 5 Butty full gam

    2 october 2020 17:32

    gta is only fun when no one is toxic.it is boring when you play by yourself and only fun when you play with friends

    26 august 2020 16:50

    who plays gta 5 in 2020?

    18 september 2020 05:29

    epic usage of words man.

    12 august 2020 09:49

    GTA 6 will come out in 2023

    15 september 2020 06:33

    I hate GTA bcoz young kids learns to kill others

    2 august 2020 00:01

    Never tried the online part of this game and seen it's all about grind. Nevertheless, this article is pretty helpful.

    2 august 2020 14:26

    Good stuff. Time to play GTA Online via my Epic Games account.

    2 august 2020 17:10