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    Rate this article "Gamehag Discord Channel"

    (4.55/5) 526 rates
    Sebastian50, 30 april 2020 02:33

    Gamehag Discord Channel

    Hey guys, in this article I’m going to explain a little about Gamehag Discord Channel and its features and unlike my other articles which come in many parts, this article is complete and needs no more extra sections unless GH Mods decide to upgrade the Discord Channel and add more features to it then I’m able to write another one as well.

    ❓ What are the Goals to have a Discord Channel for this site?

    We all know about Discord, it’s a worldwide gaming community that we can communicate over voice, text and video in it with our friends and users who we met. Gamehag has a channel in this community too so let me talk about some selected sections of this Discord Channel…

    [I consider that you are familiar with the Terms and Conditions of the Gamehag website which are applied in GH Discord server and if you are not, please read the Gamehag Terms and server rules as well.]


    • Announcements:

    Do you want to know about Gamehag news faster than others? So this section will help you a lot, from time to time GH team will announce something new in here which can be information of events, free chests, great promos and many other cool things that you don’t even expect…

    • Proof Submission:

    Still have a doubt that how truly is this site working? There are lots of proofs from users in here that can convince you this site is ESPECIAL! Every day users post some pictures of rewards which they gained from Gamehag and it doesn’t really matter they directly bought them from rewards shop or they got them from chests and giveaways, the thing that’s important is: It is really working.

    • Community Helpdesk:

    You have read all Gamehag FAQ and still have a problem? You can ask for help and more information here, sometimes you will get answer from GH mods or sometimes from an experienced user, and even you can be a big help for others too just with your responds to them but please pay attention not to talk about something that you haven’t known it properly.


    • Giveaway Feed:

    There are lots of giveaways that Gamehag create it daily for you to win. You would notice about them here and it’s easier than to check the Gamehag giveaway page every hour. You can even contribute in creating some small giveaways by donating some game keys.

    • Lounge:

    Want to talk freely with other Gamehag users? This place is yours! Chat with others, talk about the event and prizes, ask about something in your mind, use others experience and much more… Other sections of this Discord server have their specific limits and incorrect use of them put you in danger of getting BAN but this part is created differently, however you must still pay attention to the main rules.

    • Look for Groups:

    You tried creating threads in Gamehag forum and missed them without any good respond from the users?! This place is another chance to find your playmates, you can ask others to join you in a game and you can also become friends with them. Isn’t that great?


    • Bot:

    As I have noticed so far, this place is mostly created for having fun! There are ways to get virtual coins in it, buy some stuffs, work to earn, train your puppy, do a crime, rob others coins, give a cookie to them, go fishing, compare your coins to others and lots of cute and amusing things to do for passing your time. I should mention there are other uses too, you can find more about them just by checking Pinned Massage.

    • Suggestions:

    Do you have an idea which makes Gamehag better? Send it here and see others like your idea or not, some ideas like: Doing giveaway for chests or add a specific reward which you want to see in Gamehag and more. You can also offer your suggestions to Misty directly through Gamehag.

    These are some selected sections of Gamehag Discord Channel, surely you can find more features just by visiting it, here is the invite link which you can use to join this community: discordapp.com/invite/W9DmGjW

    You can also find the Discord icon just by checking the bottom of this site. Thanks for reading, have fun! :D

    Rate this article Gamehag Discord Channel

    (4.55/5) 526 rates


    I've been on the discord for a while but you explained it very good!

    3 june 2020 08:49

    i love gamehag it's so fun! You don't need to pay with money for the game you want.

    7 may 2020 00:50

    Thanks for that info. I've been meaning to setup gamehag server on my discord. The giveaways alone are worth it.

    18 june 2020 01:32

    this really helped me out thanks

    6 may 2020 07:29

    Ok thanks for the heads up

    25 may 2020 16:00

    gamehag is this app i so on youtube and wanted to play it i mean use it to get free robux and this is wonderfull

    3 may 2020 16:29

    I joined the channel :)

    3 june 2020 16:51

    gamehag + discord = epic

    6 june 2020 20:48

    Great article!

    3 may 2020 11:45

    Pleaze give my gems pls

    3 may 2020 09:55