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    (4.62/5) 181 rates
    Sebastian50, 8 march 2024 17:57

    Gamehag + Earnweb

    Hello to all delightful users of Gamehag, hope you are doing well. In this article, I’m going to talk about the general features of Gamehag and have a glance at a new website called Earnweb which is created and managed by the same creators. It’s a do task and earn rewards site and you can make money online with it just like the place you are in and reading about it. So, let’s start our journey, shall we?


    If you are familiar with the concept of “Doing tasks & Earning rewards” and looking for the best site possible, congratulations mate! You are in the right place. Gamehag is a website with an eye-catching design and a variety of tasks and opportunities that let users enjoy while earning. Most tasks are related to video games and that’s why you can simply play and win amazing prizes such as game codes and gift cards. The currency of this website is called Soul Gems which allows you to buy whatever you want directly from the store. There is also a thin chance to get your prize from opening a case by spending less amount of Soul Gems or even for free when some events are going on.



    There are so many ways you can earn SGs from them, the most efficient way is to complete game quests and carry out contracts on the website or your phone. Yes! Gamehag also has a mobile application that even lets you earn on the go. Beside this, there are tons of ways you can do to earn more Soul Gems, such as:

    • Rating and creating articles
    • Completing surveys and taking offers
    • Using TV zone to watch advertisement
    • Reaching a new higher level
    • Inviting new active users
    • Opening free cases (Event exclusive, daily, weekly, monthly)
    • Using promotional codes
    • Taking part in the giveaways
    • Buying SGs or receiving them from friends
    • Being in the top 3 players on the leaderboard
    • Reporting spam comments
    • And much more...

    When you reach enough amount of SGs, you can simply order your favorite reward from the store and receive the digital product key hours/days later. There are daily discounts on some selected products like Steam gift cards, so you can wait till the right moment arrives and grab the best SGs price possible for your wanted rewards. There is also a magical rune called NAUDIZ which can be received through the VIP membership. This rune grants a 10% discount on a reward for 30 days when it’s activated. The VIP system on Gamehag has many more benefits, you can check them here: https://gamehag.com/vip



    Earnweb is basically Gamehag but much simpler. It’s about earning and payout and there is no additional attachment to it. The environment is simplified to make the user experience as smooth as possible.

    You target your favorite item ➡ do some tasks ➡ order and receive your reward.

    Just like Gamehag, there is a mobile application available that you can install on your smartphone and enjoy earning. The related promotional codes also exist and instead of Soul Gems, the main currency is Coins. There are many tasks related to Apps, Games, Polls, Cashback and others which can be different for each country users are from. The leveling system works the same and you earn XP points by completing quests. Earnweb.com supports 2 languages: English and Polski and has a discord channel that allows users to talk about their experiences. You may find the invitation link at the bottom of the website page.



    If you are a new user on Gamehag and you have not collected 1000 Soul Gems so far, you can add me to your friend list instantly by using my referral code. By doing this, you will be allowed to message me directly on Gamehag and ask me everything in your mind. I will answer your questions if I can and I’ll help you to reach higher Ranks and gain more Soul Gems :D

    To use my referral code (GH3469437), follow this path:

    1) Click on your Soul Gems. 2) Paste the code into the referral system box and activate it.

    If you want to test Earnweb, here is a sweet starter promo code for you: START1 which gives you $1 PayPal by collecting 3 Coins. If you are a regular user, use code: P4YP4L1!1! and collect 5 Coins to get the same reward. You can also use my referral link and register to the site and unlock a $5 PayPal reward for your activity which is amazing! https://r.earnweb.com/5b353630365d


    BTW have you ever heard about K4G.com? It's a secure website for purchasing digital goods such as game keys and gift cards. Gamehag and K4G are partners and you can buy its related rewards from the store. So, for you lucky reader, I'm putting a K4G 5% discount code. Register now and use it before others on your upcoming purchase: D670RGQYIJ

    But it's not over, I've prepared more rewards for you. There will be 2 winners who will get a K4G €2 code worth 2.500 SGs. Be the first user who complete a task below and message me on Gamehag to receive your reward.

    • Reach 1000 Soul Gems on Gamehag after using the referral code.
    • Reach 1 complete Coin on Earnweb after registering with the referral link.

    There will be also 5 Steam random CD keys for dear massagers who want to chit-chat with me and don’t come back empty-handed. I hope you enjoyed reading my article. Happy earning, cheers!

    Rate this article Gamehag + Earnweb

    (4.62/5) 181 rates


    ok its nace

    10 may 2024 04:31

    جافا لطيفة

    28 april 2024 23:17

    Very informative article.

    15 july 2024 18:03

    Good job, keep going!

    26 may 2024 10:55

    pritty good

    9 may 2024 05:42

    Amzaing!!!, learned alot thanks.

    23 june 2024 21:57

    Great collaboration between Gamehag and Earnweb cant wait to see more.

    21 june 2024 14:58

    I think making those pictures straight would look better, but other than that, it looks good and is helpful.

    10 may 2024 22:58

    nice and useful for beginner

    21 april 2024 07:30

    Very informative article. You seem to make the easiest to digest articles Sebastian

    10 april 2024 02:33