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    Rate this article "Devil May Cry 4"

    (4.52/5) 77 rates
    yazdan, 17 february 2019 13:13

    Devil May Cry 4

    I never thought that Hack and Slash would become one of the best genres of video game industry! The "hack and slash" genre is, in fact, a combination of hours of excitement, players reflection, and creativity. I do not know who and when this genre brought to life, but I want to thank that person for this amazing genre. I don't know why but the uploading system didn't work, so, I use Steam market pictures.


    The first version of the series was able to score 94% out of 37 criticisms by the Metacritic website as one of its finest. This was a spark to start a continuation of this game. The fourth edition, with the preservation of the genre and tradition of previous versions, was released on the three platforms, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. A few years later, the latest version of the series has been completely rebooted to the market, which, incidentally, was a fantastic title. Now, if we want to make a statement in the description of the series, the Devil May Cry series is one of the best titles of the "Hack and Slash" genre, and they are even some of the precursors of this genre. I also want to look at the fourth edition of this series, So stay tuned with me.

    Gameplay and Contents

    Devil May Cry 4 was released with a great story and upgraded gameplay in 2008 and was well accepted by fans! Undoubtedly one of the best features of this edition was its beautiful narrator, narrated with two similar characters. In the following explanation of the same thing, it should be said that unlike other versions of the game, this time represents a new and different character than Dante, Nero is the name of this new character, who is in part a devil, and on one specific day he was supposed to complete a special religious ceremony, along with a girl called Kyrie. Dante, for some reason, disrupts the ceremony, and the leader of that place, called "Sanctus" Apparently get killed.

    The hybrid, a child which half is Satan and the other half is an angel, it is in some way an extraordinary being in both worlds of devils and angels, this creature has both legacies with him. A child who is not for the sake of justice on earth, not for the salvation and pleasure of someone, not even for himself and not for his family. His sword is his incredible lover, his two rifles and his beautiful red coat. This is Dante!

    In Devil May Cry 4, and especially in the Dante section, we've seen exactly the same gameplay in the past, with only a little change in item purchasing and promotion of customized movements, but the Nero part has a great variety in terms of gaming. The game has given it new gameplay and added a whole new style of play. generally, the game takes a lot of changes in the core of the gameplay. Changes that sometimes have made the game look better than the previous version of the series and is so appealing for the game that forces the player to watch the game for hours. "Devil May Cry 4" brings everything that the player could expect from a "hack and slash" game. As we mentioned in the storyline, during the game, the audience is controlled by two different characters that have greatly increased the value of the game.

    Various options for the difficulty of the game is available, most challenging is the last one, It's just enough to say that in such a difficulty, it's hard for you to play that automatically after a few hours, the game automatically suggests you put the game on an easier mode. the best way to enjoy the story is to put the game on the easy mode and enjoy the narrator. more you advance into to the game and missions the more powerful boss and enemies become, It may sometimes make the game cool. Devil May Cry 4 is very enjoyable, and with the movements and physical abilities that the characters have, and those that can be upgraded and new moves through the game itself, surely fighting in such a game attracts you. It should also be said that thanks to the artificial intelligence of the game that for several years in this series is relatively high, the enemies can no longer be eliminated as easily as possible! Also, it's not bad to know that there is also a huge variety of enemies, each with its own special strategy. The bass of the game is as challenging as ordinary enemies.

    each time you will face new enemies and characters, each with their own story. It should also be said that this version of the screen is more beautiful and more impressive than the previous version. In general, we do not intend to disclose the inside of the game, because you have to experience it yourself, It should be noted that the story of the game more emphasizes familiarity with the character "Nero" and the events that occurred to him. The whole story of the game is so great that no matter how much it is explained about it, it is still insufficient.


    • Red Queen: Red Queen is the main sword and weapon of Nero. Red Queen has an extraordinary structure and brings heavy blows to enemies.
    • Blue rose: Blue rose is also one of the main weapons of the Nero, which is more likely to shoot down targets.
    • Yamato: One of the most powerful swords in the game, which uses by both Nero and Dante. This sword is one of the swords used by Dante's brother, Vergil.
    • Pandora: One of the most extraordinary weapons inside the game. Pandora is a fancy and modern weapon, if upgraded to the last level, can include many deadly weapons such as rocket launchers, bomber slings, chase bombs, Mosel and many other things.


    Music and Sounds

    The astonishing music. The overall theme of the game in the field of music is the same as the usual metallic. In the area of sound, the game has had several successful changes over the previous version. Game's sounds make the battles satisfying, and hearing voices of characters and their dialogues due to the excellent sound quality are undoubtedly very cool. It's best to know that when fighting enemies, you will have a very beautiful and exciting rhythmic music that will completely change the feeling of the game.


    Rate this article Devil May Cry 4

    (4.52/5) 77 rates


    DMC is a series that some may don't know but who knows they know how great the series is.

    9 july 2021 17:35

    DMC great series...especially DMC 5.

    19 july 2021 17:00

    i should play this game it seems interesting

    28 february 2019 07:28

    its fill like so bad in a good way

    13 april 2019 17:39

    this is my favorite game.

    14 april 2019 19:45

    good job bro

    29 may 2019 13:06

    this artical is great and so is the game

    18 february 2020 15:33

    good job bro

    26 march 2019 15:23

    why you not play devil may cry 5

    16 march 2019 06:36

    I've played this game. The article is better than it ;p

    23 march 2019 10:57