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    Rate this article "CS:GO skins under 1€"

    (4.54/5) 191 rates
    zelembac, 8 june 2020 01:19

    CS:GO skins under 1€

    Do you play CS: GO?
    Are you tired of playing without skins?
    You want your weapon to look incredibly good?
    Friends tease you because you don't have skins?
    This is the right place for you! Skins can be really expensive, so I will try my best to show you 7 skins under 1€! I hope you will find a skin for your favourite weapon. If you still don't find it, don't worry, the second part of this article will be out soon!
    Don't forget that the prices of skins change frequently!
    So let's get started!

    Do you like to play with famas?
    If your answer is "yes", here is a skin for you!
    Red and black combination with white stripes make this skin amazing!

    PRICES :

    Battle-Scarred: 0,25€
    Field-Tested: 0,27€
    Minimal Wear: 0,45€
    Factory New: 0,64€
    Price on Gamehag: 799 Soul Gems

    2. M249 | SYSTEM LOCK

    T5EeClExP56jK1wTKPgdRARMPOGzx7.jpgNext skin is M249 | SYSTEM LOCK, it's cheap but I believe that fans of M249 like it! The colour combination is the same as in the previous skin. Red and black M249? Why not!

    PRICES :

    Battle-Scarred: 0,11€
    Field-Tested: 0,12€
    Minimal Wear: 0,18€
    Factory New: 0,54€
    Price on Gamehag: 949 Soul Gems

    3. MAC-10 | OCEANIC


    The ocean will come to your home with MAC-10 | OCEANIC! Look at this beautiful skin! Good thing is that you don't have to pay with real money for any skin! Gamehag has a lot of skins and with this great platform you can have all these skins completely free.

    PRICES :

    Battle-Scarred: 0,09€
    Field-Tested: 0,09€
    Minimal Wear: 0,12€
    Factory New: 0,20€
    Price on Gamehag: 399 Soul Gems

    4. P2000 | OCEANIC

      This is the first gun skin on this list. It's a P2000 skin. The theme of the skin is the same as in the previous one, it's the ocean. In the pistol round, you will be cool! At the moment I feel like I'm advertising skins on television and my life depends on sales, but never mind. 

    PRICES :

    Battle-Scarred: 0,10€
    Field-Tested: 0,10€
    Minimal Wear: 0,15€
    Factory New: 0,26€
    Price on Gamehag: 449 Soul Gems

    5. PP - BIZON | OSIRIS
    Black and white PP-Bizon with yellow stripes, cool! If you don't play with PP - Bizon you need this skin ( cheap and really cool), in my opinion, that's a masterpiece. Every Counter-Strike player must have this skin.

    PRICES :

    Battle-Scarred: 0,40€
    Field-Tested: 0,41€
    Minimal Wear: 0,58€
    Factory New: 0,98€
    Price on Gamehag: 949 Soul Gems

    6.  P90 | GRIM
    P90 with green skulls? Perfect! A lot of player in low ranks use P90 and if you are one of them buy this skin (better opinion is to stop using P90). But, joking aside, this is one of my personal favourite skins from this list.

    PRICES :

    Battle-Scarred: 0,15€
    Field-Tested: 0,18€
    Minimal Wear: 0,34€
    Factory New: 0,94€
    Price on Gamehag: 449 Soul Gems
    Last skin,but no less important Five-SeveN | Vioent Diamyo. My favourite skin ih whole game!
    This black and purple masterpiece with a lot of details,looking like he's talking "BUY ME" !

    PRICES :

    Battle-Scarred: 0,14€
    Field-Tested: 0,12€
    Minimal Wear: 0,23€
    Factory New: 0,46€
    Price on Gamehag: 449 Soul Gems

    That would be it from this list. I hope I helped you and that you found the skin for you.
    Support this article if you liked it and I also accept criticism and advice!
    Thanks for reading!
    I wish you all the best in Counter Strike : Global Offensive or i could say only CS:GO. Ohh Never mind.

    Rate this article CS:GO skins under 1€

    (4.54/5) 191 rates

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    Mac-10 Lapis Gator also looks quite cool and only costs around 30c

    16 february 2021 13:20

    There was a striped p2000 skin which was under 1 euro. It was pretty good tho but can't remember the name.

    2 june 2021 05:55

    Nice article i have P2000 Oceanic Mac-10 Lapis Gator also looks quite cool and only costs around 30c.

    19 june 2021 09:00

    i have bought p2000 oceanic

    13 july 2021 09:45

    not bad not bad

    7 february 2023 00:00

    this is very detailed explanation. I didn't expected it to be this detailed. Keep up the good work

    3 april 2022 15:22

    гы контра очень крутая игра (пародия кс -_-

    24 october 2020 18:58

    is scam isnt it

    4 december 2020 10:15

    Mac-10 Lapis Gator also looks quite cool and only costs around 30c. Mac-10 Lapis Gator also looks quite cool and only costs around 30c. The best skins in this article exectly p90. Thank you for share.

    1 march 2021 19:30

    Nice article i have P2000 Oceanic (but i dont use it i love USP-S)

    6 november 2020 16:11