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    Rate this article "A Story About My Uncle - game review."

    (4.53/5) 180 rates
    t4tsumihyaku, 21 may 2020 07:04

    A Story About My Uncle - game review.

    A Story About My Uncle is an adventure game that was developed by Gone North Games in 2014.
    In the game, we get into the role of a character who is looking for his uncle - Fred.
    Mainly, in this game, we have to climb rocks and explore different areas.


    One night, a little girl asked her father if he could tell her a bedtime story.
    She wanted to hear a story about an adventure; her father knew the right one:

    When he was her age, her father's biggest dream was to follow his uncle on one of his adventures around the world. However, one day, his uncle mysteriously disappeared. The same day after Fred's disappearance, he tried to find him in his house. He was telling his daughter that he was pretty curious as a kid. When he wanted to go on an adventure with his uncle, his mother wouldn't allow him to go with his uncle. He also mentioned that Fred used to send him postcards from his trips; however, that wasn't the case this time. While looking for his uncle, he found a mysterious room which he hadn't seen before; it was the observatory.

    There he saw a lever which he pushed. By pushing it, a zone in the room lighted with a flash of very bright light. When he stepped in it, he didn't know what was going on; he felt like there was an earthquake in the area. The entire room was shaking; that was something pretty unknown to him. After some time, he crashed on a mysterious place, where his adventure started.


    When we start playing for the first time, we will see that we're in Fred's house that had no inhabitants. While exploring the entire house, we will find a custom that we have to put on. When we get into Fred's observatory, we will see all his uncle's experiments, etc.

    When we land on the mysterious area, in the beginning, it would be a little bit difficult for us to understand what to do.

    On our way, we will discover some unknown frog-looking creatures that can walk and speak like humans. They come from an underground village which we will have to visit, so they can help us find Fred.

    The entire gameplay is all about climbing rocks by using the abilities we develop on our journey.

    Graphics & Sounds

    The graphics are pretty detailed.
    In Fred's house, there are many hints in the form of graphics, which most of us wouldn't notice.
    The animations aren't the best, but they aren't that bad, as well.
    I liked the shiny graphics.
    The frog human-looking creatures don't look that bad; you wouldn't tell that they've got something to do with frogs.
    The audio isn't that bad. It's not necessary to turn it on since there are subtitles in the game. 


    At the end of the game, we would have already found Fred in a mining cave. When Fred spots our character, he'll be happy because we are wearing the custom he made on his own. The reason he disappeared all sudden was that he found some frog eggs, and by accident, he sent them to the mysterious place. Because of that, Fred was away for so long. However, he couldn't go back home because the human frogs needed him there.


    I rate this game with 6/10, here's why:

    The graphics have high quality, but I don't think the same about the animations. In my opinion, the creators of the game didn't draw the characters very well.

    The game is suitable for people who are bored and try to kill some time.

    I was kind of disappointed with the story. I'm a person who loves games with a story, and I expected a little bit more from this game.

    The game could be frustrating at moments because if we don't understand the basics & controls, then we are going to face some difficulties when playing.

    I wouldn't recommend this game to people who get frustrated quickly.


    Rate this article A Story About My Uncle - game review.

    (4.53/5) 180 rates


    I get get game for free... But its actually cool

    23 may 2020 12:20

    Didn't actually notice that I had such a great game on my steam library, thanks for the article mah dude :)

    23 may 2020 08:49

    I remember this game! Really underrated.

    17 january 2021 22:33

    Good article make me to want to play the game.

    22 may 2020 16:56

    I finished playing this game a few days ago and loved the gameplay from the beginning to the end. A must-try adventure game.

    3 july 2020 22:28

    wooow NiceGame🙃Gran historia Buen juego Buen diseño Gracias💫🌜🤔


    20 april 2021 09:43

    This looks amazing only if ive would played it already yesterday year

    29 may 2020 12:38

    The time and energy putten into a one artical is just amazing

    25 may 2020 10:54

    I remember when my older cousin used to play this game and I used to watch him ,but when I ask to play ,he bullies me and says that I am too young ,I didn't know the name of the game but now I know it.
    Thank you for the article.
    but the animated gifs make me a little bit dizzy lol

    1 june 2020 17:09

    Some kind of family therapy :D?

    31 may 2020 17:02