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    Rate this article " Heroes of the storm Starting Tips and Game Info"

    (4.73/5) 15 rates
    psycho15101, 26 august 2017 00:28

    Heroes of the storm Starting Tips and Game Info

    Storm Heroes is a blizzard-designed moba that seeks to unite all the great characters from blizzard sagas such as Arthas, Kerrigan, Devil, and Ect. Besides being the typical moba in which you have to reach the nexus or main structure of the enemy to win, it has a great variety of maps and objectives which you must do with your team, this game was released in 2015 but The game was tested By Blizzard since August 2013 and has so far refused to categorize it in the genres MOBA or real-time strategy because  Blizzard considers it something different. Players can choose from five game modes, which include playing against computer-controlled heroes or against other players. When players start the game, they can only use six to ten heroes provided by the free hero rotation, a methodically selected list that changes weekly, but by using gold, a source in the game of wealth, or Through microtransactions, you can have permanent access to a he

    Tips for getting started in Heroes of the Storm.

    • If you are new, do all the tutorials, and practice a little.
      The Heroes of the Storm tutorials are few and simple to perform. You will not become a masters of the game but they will help you to know the basics, and they will teach you to move by the map. In addition, use the "practice" mode against AI of the game to test different heroes and get used to the different mechanics of the title. Do not get ahead of the competition or get frustrated before you start.
    • At first, select easy heroes
      . As a rookie, do not set out to choose the most difficult heroes. For example, Sergeant Hammer is a great specialist class character, but quite complicated to master. However, Raynor is simple, it inflicts a lot of damage (DPS) and it will not be difficult for you to do with him. If you do this, you will gain real practice and level up; This will earn you confidence and skill to be able to test later heroes of medium and high difficulty.
    •  See how many more heroes you get.
      Weekly there are a certain series of heroes that are rotating and are free access. But it is best that you go make your own "collection" (ideally would have them all) by buying them with the gold of the game and even with real money if you so decide. Think of it, more heroes, more options to choose from and more strategic possibilities on the battlefield.
    • Use the "test" option of each hero.
      A collation of the previous point, all heroes allow the option of being tested in a kind of practice environment. It may seem like a cheap option, but to faith it is not. This test mode will let you know if you fit well with the chosen hero or yes, on the contrary, it is preferable to change your choice. Take your time to try them all.
    • Play as a team. Coopera.
      Heroes of the Storm is a title that requires teamwork. Here solitary wolves are seldom worth anything, and only good coordination with your companions will lead you to victory. Whenever possible, play with friends and speak to them at all times to choose your strategies, respond to requests for help, attack camps together, start team fights or collaborate on pusheo of enemy lines. Good communication and team coordination can mean half a battle won.
    • Indicate at all times what your intentions are to your team. Use the minimap.
      Use the minimap. MOBA are games that require a high degree of multitasking and you must be attentive to different factors and points of the map at all times. Using the letter "G" or keyboard shortcuts you can easily tell your colleagues where you need support, where there are points of interest or where they should go. Use it.
    • Think with your head before acting.
      MOBAs also require some degree of strategy. Before you act, think about the movements you are going to make. Sometimes it is better to backear (a retreat in time) than an untimely death just when the opposing team attacks your core, or temples are about to activate, or mines about to open, etc. Analyze your abilities and choose well all your movements such as when to use your ultimate. Learn to position yourself to defend yourself from enemy attacks and do not throw yourself into the fight with no sound. Wait for your minions to pique enemy lines and offer constant support to your comrades whenever necessary. And always, always, you have to take into account the ability of the class that you have chosen and the possibilities of your hero's abilities.
    • Do not start fights that you can not finish.
      At level 10 heroic abilities are activated. Never start a battle against an enemy that exceeds your level. Especially if it is in the tenth or higher. Unless it is very touched of life and the kill is very clear, said, do not start anything you know that you will not be able to finish. And the team fight is named for something, wait for your teammates before you start one. You can play and win games without starting a single fight between teams.
    • Know your enemy.
      The good thing about collecting all the heroes of the game is not only to dominate them, but also to know your enemy. Knowing what heroes are leading the opposing team, knowing their skills, characteristics and weaknesses can help you win the battle more easily. You can avoid clashes with heroes more powerful than you, tell your teammates who should focus on a tank (or not), when and where the ultimatums are more effective, and ultimately a lot of possibilities for designing both defensive and attacking strategies That balance the game in your favor. The possibilities are innumerable.
    • Be patient and polite.
      You are starting The first games will be horrendous, I assure you. You will not know where the air gives you, you will die dozens of times and it is very likely that you inflict more on your team than you can help. But like everything in life, with practice you will gain experience. You will learn to handle yourself with your favorite heroes, to use the most interesting skills at any time and to locate you in the best possible way on the map. You will learn how to gankear (ambush) enemies, when you should put off and when to backear, the "tempos" of each map and those little tricks that always give a small advantage. Congratulate the opposing team when they win, yours for your work and enjoy your victories when they arrive ... they will arrive.

    Rate this article Heroes of the storm Starting Tips and Game Info

    (4.73/5) 15 rates


    You are starting The first games wwill not kno

    15 october 2021 19:03

    Weekly there are a certain series of e battlefield.

    15 october 2021 19:03

    A huge franchise where I don't understand the difference between each game

    13 august 2021 18:00

    Nice article...great work.

    16 may 2021 15:19

    thx for the tips ^^ gj

    16 september 2017 12:03

    I've voted 5/5 :) Thanks for this. :)

    2 september 2017 07:44