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    How do the FIFA World Cup 2022 chests work?

    Passo 1

    The World Cup, is a time when people from all over the globe unite to feel extraordinary sports emotions. Wanting to co-create the World Cup magic, we decided to create a set of three dedicated chests, whose prizes will help increase the joy during this special period. The prize pool includes Fifa 23 game keys, Origin gift cards and many Soul Gems.


    Passo 2

    The FIFA World Cup - Group stage chest is not only an opportunity to win prizes, but also allows you to unlock the possibility of getting another chest. To get your first chest, you will need to get 500 KD between 18.11 and 18.12. Once you get this amount, you get the chest free of charge. The sooner you do it, the better, because during this period, more chests will appear.


    Passo 3

    The FIFA World Cup - Play-off stage chest will appear on 03.12. Remember that to get it, you must first get the Group Stage chest. Then, to get the crate for free, you must get 500 KD between the time the chest appears and the end of the promotion. The Play-off Stage chest increases your chances of winning top prizes by 10 times and unlocks the opportunity to get the last of the chests.


    Passo 4

    The last of the chests, the FIFA World Cup - Final Four chest, starts on 13.12, with the least amount of time to get it, as only 5 days. Therefore, in this chest, the chances of winning the main prizes increase 20 times. To get it, you must first open the Group stage and Play-off stage chests, and then get 500 KD during its activation. After collecting this amount, you get the last of the chests for free. Congratulations!


    Passo 5

    We wish you the best of luck!