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    Anna3432 Flag ua

    3 anni fa

    La Babbana

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    Nessun oggetto nel equipaggiamento

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    War Thunder

    Considerando la grande popolarità di World of Tanks che è conosciuto da tutti, ne vale la pena di  domandarsi se giochi di una tematica e meccanica simili a quelli che questo gioco rappresenta siano in grado di ottenere il riconoscimento pari a quello che ha ottenuto World of Tanks. Sì che sono! E sono addirittura in grado di ot...

    Black Desert

    Face one of the most beautiful MMORPGs of all time. Black Desert Online is a game developed by a Korean studio - Pearl Abyss, provided to us, to the west, by Kakao Games. Explore the stunning world of Black Desert, which is characterized by an incredibly diverse flora and fauna, breathtaking landscapes and countless places to di...

    Vast Wars

    Vast Wars is a browser MMO game inspired by the crimes and lives of criminals. The main idea of the game is to build an empire and become the real boss of the mafia.Develop your city and your character (among others through regular training) and perform a whole series of missions to strengthen your position in the ranking. Fight...


    Wartime is a free, strategy browser game from Esprit Games in which you will become a commander who will fight the Dark Governor. As a commander, lead a small land that you will manage from now on. Build new buildings and recruit new military units that will support your strength in combat. Collect unnecessary resources that wi...

    Perfect Fantasy

    Perfect Fantasy is a free, colorful RPG game from Esprit Games studio, which you can play both on the computer and on the mobile device! Gather your party of mighty warriors and mages and go to war with a sorcerer who wants to take over your land. Stand up for the innocent as a true hero and embark on a journey where you will tr...


    Taonga is a free browser game in which you run your farm. Start working on your tiny piece of land and see how much you can earn from it. Raise animals such as chickens and cows, plant crops, build new buildings and make everything look nice and aesthetic. Watch the order board where you can sell what you harvested and get the ...

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