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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Dark Knight

    who even likes this game never played heres my comment

    15 march 2020 02:57

    the game is kinda boring in my opinion, it's like a lot of other games so it isn't rly unique, but easy sg, it took me just a few hours to finish all the tasks !

    15 march 2020 13:35

    This is strange as it has not taken me to any register screen and even weirder the game is just playing itself. Im at level 42 and I havent even touched the keypad! What madness is this!

    16 march 2020 03:30

    The game litteraly plays itself. I do not know how it is even called a game when its more like a movie you can interact with except for the cutscenes which you can skip. Well super easy SB anyways that took me like 10-20 minutes so i can't complain, but i have no idea how the game makes money to where it can advertise it on sites like this.

    17 march 2020 20:19

    How do you register your email and change your nickname?? I can't find any way to do this. I've looked and looked for info and my character is just auto levelling like crazy. What's the point of this game?

    19 march 2020 05:03

    I couldn't even get into the game. I guess my screen is too small, which I find funny since I play a MMORPG daily.

    20 march 2020 19:39

    why can't i upload my screenshot? It says to refresh and I do but i sitll can't upload my picture.

    21 march 2020 23:36

    this is a download and let it do its own thing in the background to gain soul gems nothing else to it so far easy enough. more an idle simulator than a game to actually play kind of boring to be honest!!!!

    22 march 2020 13:23

    The game was so easy to complete you don't have to do anything lol

    23 march 2020 02:47

    It seems you have to pay to change your nickname in this, so presumably not worth it

    23 march 2020 20:48

    bruh i did and it got verified but then the revoked the verify which is pretty dumb.

    24 march 2020 01:10

    i finished this game super fast since i lierally didn't have to do anything

    24 march 2020 20:18

    I guess its free soul gems? Thats the best part free money for doing nothing! LOLLLL

    26 march 2020 00:16

    Bruh. What is the point of the game. You can 1 hit ko the bosses without doing anything

    26 march 2020 00:17

    My Hp hasent even fallen under 99% before. Its been 5 min and im lvl 50

    26 march 2020 00:28

    Not a good game. takes like 10 mins to reach level 20

    26 march 2020 17:36

    The game is alright But it does have problems to it

    27 march 2020 20:39

    This Game is confusing honestly.

    29 march 2020 12:59

    well you really can't play a game if that game plays itself(auto mode) just like raid shadow leegnds
    big oof

    29 march 2020 20:00

    Just be aware, the sign-in screen auto logs you in so if you're not paying attention during the short install and launch it will run for you... you can turn off the auto AFK with the z key, otherwise it plays for you.

    30 march 2020 08:35

    One of the worst games ive played ever in my life.

    30 march 2020 15:36

    My task was rejected for no reason.......................................................................................................................................................

    30 march 2020 22:11

    mine got rejected :/ smh why????????????????????????????????????????

    31 march 2020 20:21

    it seems boring game for me.

    11 may 2020 01:43

    well you really can't play a game if that game plays itself(auto mode) just like raid shadow leegnds
    big oof

    11 may 2020 02:16

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