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    Black Desert

    (3.97/5) 169 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Black Desert

    For me, the game seems pretty nice, although there are some difficulties with getting used to interface and keyboard settings :) I also know Black Desert is considered to be quite an old game, but it still can be attractive for newcomers. i like bro all this beacue look beatiful:grin:

    11 september 2020 14:47

    I like this game because i like shooting games

    4 december 2020 14:08

    i love this game so much i am very lucky to play ths game with my friends

    17 december 2020 17:42

    i like but my friend need this game so much for his computer

    20 december 2020 12:05

    Created new account it says : you dont play on new account

    1 january 2021 14:46

    it's look good i'll try play and get soul

    9 january 2021 12:11

    I think good game.I like game...but was formerly

    14 january 2021 17:42

    honestly to say this game is very hard if u dont know to make urtank

    21 january 2021 16:49

    fairly mun characters i lkes a GANFEB low pc very good

    7 april 2021 10:55

    I played this game some times and i can say that this game is epic.

    9 april 2021 11:04

    I really don't like Black Desert's graphic style

    28 october 2021 15:43

    Great game, a lot of my friends play this...

    1 november 2021 10:29

    It's really fun to play, although it's really tiring to walk from place to place lol, even with a horse...

    1 november 2021 10:33

    i love this game i recommend it to everyone!

    13 november 2021 14:54

    the best game ever in the world because last year was there and now ive played it the best game ever in the world because last year was there and now ive

    21 february 2022 20:44

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