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    michal_szenawa Flag pl

    il y a 2 ans

    Le Moldu

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    Il n'y a pas d'objets dans l'équipement


    Il n'y a pas d'objets dans l'équipement

    La dernière activite d'utilisateurs

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    a réalisé une quête dans le jeu MiliGirls Fantasy.
    il y a 2 ans
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    il a ouvert Coffre de Bienvenue et il a gagné Rune Ansus.
    il y a 2 ans


    Récemment joué

    Forge of Empires

    Un des meilleurs jeux de stratégie par navigateur. Nous commençons durant l’âge de pierre, donc il y a très, très longtemps. En ayant au début juste un petit morceau de terre, consacré pour notre propre village, nous devons grandir afin de créer un empire réel. Donc nous ne commençons pas en âge de pierre juste pour y finir! Le ...

    Harvest Land

    Harvest Land is a farm simulator settled in slavic theme and culture with a pleasant musical accompaniment and candy-like graphic.Great men and their wives went on a long adventure in the hope of finding a new home. They arrived on native lands on a large island, where there's a place for fruit trees and large fields.The Slavs a...

    Pierres d'Âme

    World of Warships - Free Premium Bonus!

    You will be rewarded with Soul Gems for registering from this link.Sign up via our link and receive a free premium bonus! The offer includes the invite code for the new players only. When signing up, you can choose between the following bonuses: LARGESCALEFLEET: 7 days of premium account 3,000,000 credits 500 doubloons Misteriou...

    Opera GX

    Opera GX is a browser made especially for gamers.Enjoy blazing-fast web browsing speed on both mobile and desktop devices. Opera GX offers the ability to set limits on CPU, RAM and network usage, so you are able to control device performance. The sidebar allows you to connect Twitch, Discord, Messenger and many other application...

    MiliGirls Fantasy

    MiliGirls is a free browser fantasy game that is a mix of shooter and gacha games.Lovely girls and huge machine guns are the perfect combinations! Go to war with your MiliGirls and fight together anytime, anywhere. Collect characters and weapons, decide what style of game you like the most, experiment, and have fun. Enjoy the ch...

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