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    Steam is a platform that dates back to the early 2000s. Initially, this system was called WON and served as a multiplayer game server in Half-Life. Later, the platform began to develop, changing the name and introducing a number of features that accompany users to this day. There is the opportunity to make friends and contact with them via chat, the option to save games in the cloud, the ability to buy games and additions in games, and many other features that have caused that almost every player has a Steam account today. For some time, games could be purchased using a bank card or PayPal cash account. However, the platform has made it much easier by introducing the Steam Wallet function. It is a digital banking tool that allows users to store funds on Steam. With the help of these funds, they can buy products available on the platform. The Steam Wallet replaces the bank card and allows you to shop securely without having to share your personal and banking details on the platform and in each game separately. According to Steam, the wallet money should be treated as a credit in the platform store, which is not refundable or cashable, but can be used in the store to purchase subscriptions or other Steam-related content.

    Topping up your Steam Wallet is done by transferring funds from your card, bank account, PayPal or by using Bitcoin conversion. However, you can also top up your wallet thanks to Gamehag, exchanging Soul Gems for dollars, for which you will certainly buy many interesting games and add-ons.

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    Steam is a gaming platform and social networking site created by Valve Corporation. It was created in 2003 on the foundation of the WON, created especially for multiplayer games in Half-Life. Over the next few years, more platform functions were developed - the ability to contact friends, save games in the cloud, buy games and much more.

    Currently, Steam offers its users almost unlimited possibilities, from chat, through saving the game, a library of owned games, to the possibility of buying new titles. Payments in the system are made using a bank card or accumulated funds in the wallet.

    Steam Wallet is a tool that allows you to store funds on the platform and to later buy games using these funds, instead of using a bank card directly. You can also use wallet funds to make in-game purchases in selected games.

    To create a Steam Wallet, you need to have an account on the platform, and then log in to the subpage dedicated to the wallet and activate it with a special code. After a while you will be able to top up your account with any amount of funds, which you will then exchange for new games, additions and in-game purchases (in some of the games).

    You can top-up the Steam Wallet with real cash from credit cards, PayPal or using Bitcoin. However, this is not everything! You can top up your wallet by exchanging your Soul Gems for 10, 20 or 50 $ Steam Wallet funds. Thanks to this you will get money for new games in your library completely for free! Check on your own today and enjoy!