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    Clés de jeu

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    Jusqu'à 31 jours


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    What to expect:

    CubeRun is a level based game with a big variation of maps. During your gameplay you will experience levels in a lot of different difficulties. The levels are short but intensive and sometimes really nerve-wracking.

    During the gameplay will the player control a fast moving cube and the goal is to avoid all obstacles and make it to the end of the level. The levels are always getting harder and you will encounter moving obstacles and hard jumps. Do you have what it takes to beat it? The game will always be saved and you can continue from where you ended by pressing "LOAD". If you like hard Challenging games, this is probably something you will love


    • Gameplay on various maps
    • Unlock player skins by collecting coins
    • Get power-ups by collecting specific "cans"
    • Avoid static and moving blocks
    • Make your way to the end of the map


    • 60 levels
    • Tutorial
    • Partial controller support
    • In-game skin system

    Upcoming Features:

    • More levels
    • More power-ups