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    Why i can't get robux?(chest and rewards)

    I can't anything contains robux

    7 may 2019 03:35 2173

    All of the day?

    7 may 2019 22:10 2173

    They can no long buy Robox right now and the process to beable to give it out like they could before takes a long time.

    8 may 2019 02:57 2173

    Is it normal for them to be out of stock? And where did you guys find this information out? - Curious, so I can keep updated on it.

    8 may 2019 04:26 2173

    Robux is unavailable now. There was an announcement about the issue of withdrawing Robux from Gamehag posted on Gamehag Community a.k.a Gamehag's Discord. For any updated news, kindly check on Gamehag's Facebook page or Discord.

    P.S. https://gamehag.com/forum/t/97610-how-to-get-robux4

    8 may 2019 04:32 2173

    Thank you for the reply and the link! Very helpful.

    8 may 2019 04:34 2173

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