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    is gamehag dead?

    seems abandoned.... rewards still pending for weeks timers on site arnt accurate for chests or daily. forum posts seem to be talking about the same thing. seems to be abandoned for earnweb. kinda sus similar names on gamehags linkedin as earnwebs employees. maybe im wrong? but id bet my left nut on it. 0 support, and if you google their support and get the front page of gamehag,they dont reply to support or business inquiries. click social links and youtube goes to earnwebs clickbait youtube

    5 may 2024 20:44 8369

    I am not sure since there is some bot comments(maybe) so I actually think it is not dead. I mean some of my friends are using it.

    6 may 2024 18:29 8369

    the bot comments only blank text lol

    6 may 2024 19:02 8369

    also 2 of my steam game codes are used already before i got them. you can tell its a bot recycling codes because it doesnt know what to do.

    6 may 2024 19:03 8369

    aaand my 10$ steam code i just got im sure itll already be used too xD

    6 may 2024 19:04 8369

    For me it is the same with the steam keys - 2 of them already activated!

    10 may 2024 22:54 8369

    Im still stuck on level 2 and can't get any of the rewards yet and it seems like there's almost no way to level up here now

    19 may 2024 07:55 8369

    I think the only option is to go for their new site's reputation.Make a video explaining current Gamehag situation,get all the facts and proofs together,then mention Earnweb.Might work,and might not,who knows.It also seems that Gamehag's page on Trustpilot is still active,in fact! - they are still replying to reviews and plenty of responses don't seem botted.So yeah,it's either YouTube or Trustpilot,that's our only way to let them know.

    20 may 2024 14:44 8369

    By the way,when i checked their Trustpilot page,under a review of someone complaining about not receiving robux(same problem as i have right now btw),they answered that they don't have robux right now,mind you,a recent review.While there's not a single thing on the site saying that there's no robux.

    20 may 2024 14:46 8369

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