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    GAMEHAG Admins

    Is there any admins online??? I contacted them and it said that they will contact me back within 24 hours, and it's been more than 7 days!

    12 april 2024 12:32 1628

    I don't know, not even sure if there are admins on gamehag😐

    12 april 2024 14:33 1628

    They gave up on the site, they don't care about us anymore. SO MANY things have been broken for 2 months now and nothing has been done, support tickets have been converted into FAQ 2.0 so they don't have to listen to our problems, and many prizes aren't even being delivered; I've been waiting for 3 weeks for 2 games, both marked as 24h delivery. I'm assuming they stopped putting in effort to focus more on earnweb or something; either way, I'm not suprised if the site fully shuts down soon; I just hope my stuff gets delivered before.

    13 april 2024 09:54 1628

    its been like this more than 2 months though, maybe like a year already :)

    13 april 2024 11:20 1628

    it's now just unacceptable

    16 april 2024 14:15 1628

    I'm sad. I want the site to be active again

    20 april 2024 23:51 1628

    This page is no longer the same as it used to be, even the administrators are not interested and when we have a problem, no one even responds, I think it is dying.

    25 april 2024 15:59 1628

    Today i recieved another already activeted Code (2nd or third this year) and can't find anyone to contact about this issue. The ticket sytem only tells me that their codes are "well sourced". The only thing that may happen is someone deleting this post.

    25 april 2024 19:00 1628

    0 support . so many problems. they abandoned us and were using up the last shi**y codes they had stored.

    5 may 2024 01:15 1628

    Got another alreday used key.

    16 may 2024 18:51 1628

    Does anyone knows what games are still available? Because everything I looked on rewards page it says that is not available at the moment. Or yoyu need level 3 to get this reward. But I doubt that, even if get to level 3 that I will see anything other then not available atm. lol

    19 may 2024 12:30 1628

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