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    Gamehag Discord?

    The Discord link at the bottom of the website has expired. I want to get to Discord to see if anyone has figured out how to solve the App Zone issue. Can anyone send an invite link please?

    4 march 2024 16:08 1628

    Unfortunately, Gamehag discord channel is no longer available and it only shows a message to encourage people to join Earnweb.

    5 march 2024 08:12 1628

    That's serious then. If there is no way to contact support, then what are we supposed to do?

    7 march 2024 18:02 1628

    So, does it mean gamehag will be abandoned? If yes i will try their new website

    8 march 2024 15:46 1628

    It's 100% getting abandoned with what's been happening for now

    8 march 2024 17:47 1628

    Well writing to support seems to do nothing. Most options just send you a default bot reply and that's that, the "technical problem -> other" option now gives a default reply as well, something like "yea whatever is it you wanted to say we'll probably fix it, no need to even mention the issue lol", and the one ticket I managed to get through to them got marked as solved instantly. I think we're approaching the end of the site, and we're going down IN FLAMES by the looks of it.

    11 march 2024 18:42 1628

    Did they really forget to edit their server link? Sounds crazy that I remember the server has a lot of members but idk.

    8 june 2024 10:53 1628

    Nah, they didn't forgot.
    They're simply abandoning gamehag, only keeping it around to advertise earnweb.
    Just look around - no ways to get SG, broken features on top of broken features, support doesn't exist anymore, most ordered rewards get refunded after 2 weeks, even if they are marked as "in stock".
    The only staff activity you'll see is a monthly poorly made article by Misty, which is probably either plagiarised from somewhere or AI generated. **** EM for doing us dirty like this.

    8 june 2024 12:55 1628

    😭 discord dont work

    8 june 2024 21:05 1628

    It didn't worked for me too

    13 june 2024 17:30 1628

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