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    roblox or minecraft?

    which games better? let's find out..

    9 february 2024 11:13 2173

    roblox is better if you have friends. but minecraft is the best choice when you wanna be alone or you have no wifi

    9 february 2024 16:20 2173

    i would say roblox just due to it has so many more games

    11 february 2024 07:15 2173

    i love Minecraft but Roblox because Roblox have a lot of games

    11 february 2024 15:51 2173

    i prefer roblox cause iam max in bloxfruit

    29 february 2024 16:33 2173

    While Minecraft is renowned for its blocky landscapes and limitless building potential, Roblox takes creativity to the next level with its diverse range of user-generated games and experiences.

    29 february 2024 21:25 2173

    I like minecraft but i choose roblox for its creativity

    12 march 2024 14:21 2173

    to be honest in the recent years roblox has just been better. The developement of many games and just the variety with some games like blox fruits and many others just make it a go to option whereas minecraft recently has been boring in my opinion.

    12 march 2024 15:14 2173

    roblox is more diverse

    12 march 2024 17:35 2173

    i like them both equally, but roblox is lore diverse and if i get bored of what i'm playing i can always choose something different, so i think roblox is better

    14 march 2024 17:53 2173

    Well roblox because it has various amount games you can enjoy ( fighting, rpg, relax, etc )

    16 march 2024 14:14 2173

    roblox is best then any other games

    25 march 2024 09:43 2173

    Minecraft has skyblock, roleplay, engaging pvp, and mods, while Roblox has rpg, pvp, roleplay, and other games (roblox wins)

    25 march 2024 15:41 2173

    The truth is that I am more of a Roblox fan. Minecraft is great with its worlds and it is a game that can relax you (of course without monsters), but Roblox has more variety of games that you can have fun for up to a whole day. It's my opinion of what I think.

    5 april 2024 04:15 2173

    both games are good but way more fun with friends

    7 april 2024 13:17 2173

    roblox because its free

    8 april 2024 16:58 2173

    roblox becaus it offers a wide variety of games within the platform allowing for more diverse gameplay experiences, so ye

    11 april 2024 18:06 2173

    Minecraft has been around for a long time. I grew up with it and I have made some unforgetable memories with my friends. Minecraft as a sandbox game is limitless when it comes to what you can do. The way to play is up to you. Roblox and Minecraft are not something that you can compare. Minecraft is a game, Roblox is a platform. If you want to compare Minecraft with roblox, you have to chose a specific roblox experience. Objectively, Minecraft is better.

    14 april 2024 11:26 2173

    Roblox got like a million games to play while minecaft is just blocks and more blocks .

    14 april 2024 12:45 2173

    roblox probably better

    15 april 2024 20:33 2173

    Minecraft has gotten a bit boring after so long, but overall I prefer it to the games on roblox. A majority of games on roblox are ripped off anyway.

    17 april 2024 00:18 2173

    roblox is a goated game but there is to much online daters there 😅😒

    17 april 2024 21:54 2173

    roblox is best bro minecraft nice

    18 april 2024 10:48 2173

    lets be hinest these two games cannot be compaired. they appeal to different people and enjoyed for different reasons. for an example an person can love minecraft for its survival and free for all creativity. the creative mods and the solum community but can hate roblox for its loudness,its hiarchy,forced socialism,and money based systems. thw two games are far apart to be compaired .

    18 april 2024 23:20 2173

    100% Roblox. Roblox keeps getting updated while Minecraft doesn't. Minecraft was more for the memories and our youth but Roblox is more to enjoy. You can play Minecraft to enjoy but Minecraft is for the memories when you grow up and think about the good old times!

    21 april 2024 12:23 2173

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