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    Do you thin Opera is better than Chrome?

    Opera is a very good Browser, and the majority of people thinks is better than chrome, do you think that too?

    26 december 2023 03:07 8617

    There are many browsers, I think it is unwise to use the popular ones.

    4 january 2024 11:08 8617

    chrome is older than opera, of course opera has better features than chrome

    6 january 2024 10:37 8617

    idk i like brave

    7 january 2024 02:11 8617

    yep but i use edge

    7 january 2024 15:02 8617

    I like this one since it's more comforting and doesn't make my computer sound like a plane turbine.

    28 january 2024 06:39 8617

    Opera is good but i prefer Edge and Chrome. Some Firefox alternatives like Arkenfox are definitely worth to check out.

    28 january 2024 09:45 8617

    i love very much OPERA GX💗💞💖💕

    28 january 2024 16:10 8617

    I like both

    29 january 2024 04:53 8617

    yes of course

    1 february 2024 15:18 8617

    i don't think so

    8 february 2024 08:28 8617

    opera is cool, but im using edge too.

    17 february 2024 19:12 8617

    Choosing between Opera and Chrome is a bit like picking your favorite flavor of ice cream – it really comes down to personal taste. Some folks swear by Opera, praising its speed, built-in ad blocker, and nifty extras like the free VPN. Others are die-hard Chrome fans, drawn to its simplicity, speed, and smooth integration with Google services.

    For me, it's like deciding between two great flavors – both have their perks! Opera's got that cool built-in VPN and ad-blocking magic, while Chrome just feels so familiar and zips around the internet with ease.

    In the end, it's all about what you like. Some dig the extra toppings on Opera, and others just want the classic goodness of Chrome. So, which browser suits your taste buds? It's all about finding what feels right for your internet adventures!

    21 february 2024 08:33 8617

    opra gx is so much better than google

    2 march 2024 23:46 8617

    opera is much better than chrome . i love thier features

    29 march 2024 12:58 8617

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