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    Opera GX Opinions!

    Leave your personal opinions on opera GX here: In my opinion I would rather use google chrome: Leave your opinions here too!

    17 june 2023 17:09 8617

    Tbh - Its kinda good - its got mods, apps and lets you use discord like betterdiscord BUT it is rumoured to steal and sell your data which chrome and edge do but not as much and opera is just a bit shady

    4 august 2023 09:38 8617

    Best browser ive ever used its litterally changing my gaming experience

    5 august 2023 08:21 8617

    I think its pretty useful tbh, and whoever was behind the Twitter account dring June last year was pretty funny

    9 august 2023 13:32 8617

    Its lightweght chrome with customization

    10 november 2023 15:39 8617

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