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    5 day no answr from misty this website die..

    5 day wait answer all most 2 week no get 5$ to paypal what i give 4599 gems. i say ok no 5$ give me csgo skins in 4599.. no answer 1 week :( i wed love this site get alot skins , now noting

    5 march 2023 16:55 1628

    are you sure you followed the instructions? it took me less than a week to recive mine.

    what do your notifications say?

    5 march 2023 18:54 1628

    i teak URL for code put my paypal addres , and never get it , i stop this site .
    back use only if get 5 paypal or csgo skins

    6 march 2023 19:03 1628

    this site now scam

    20 march 2023 19:28 1628

    How did you say it is a scam? Check carefully maybe you made some errors in claiming it. Read very well instructions and follow them.

    21 march 2023 02:09 1628

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