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    Enlisted first quest problems

    Does anyone know how to complete the first quest for Enlisted. The one where you have to upload a pic of a strategic point capture. Mine keeps getting rejected saying i haven't registered a new account,which i did.

    2 march 2023 21:12 8580

    I have the same issue and it has not been resolved, I have sent an email to support asking for answers but as of yet there is no response, I have also had this problem with F.O.A.D which is also a Gaijin Entertainment game, perhaps there is something wrong with the verification systems related to games made by this specific studio? Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon.

    2 march 2023 21:25 8580

    Even i, got problems with it, a rule of thump... i always got 4-5 new emails readdy when i do gajin related offers, as it can take some tries...

    but it seem a bit often, that gajin fail to comunicate with gamehag about who has registered. as i've understand from my talks with the Support.

    but to return to your matter, have you tried to write to misty AKA the support? they might be able to help you,

    3 march 2023 11:53 8580

    Yes I have actually wrote to Misty but 3 days later there is still no reply.

    4 march 2023 02:14 8580

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