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    fortnite the old days

    honestly i miss 2018 fortnite noe all i play is csgo or r6 and forza 5 , i remember waking at 6am on a rainy day and play fortnite all day until my ps4 start helicopter mode lol but since i got my gaming pc in 2021 fortnite was dead to me !

    1 february 2023 11:08 2830

    it was so basic and 8 think thaats what made if so fun

    1 february 2023 21:02 2830

    true now all people playing ea lvl on a normal game not even arena + it has a lot of kids

    1 february 2023 21:14 2830

    Ah, the memories of Fortnite's early days. Building conflicts, easier treasure, and a smaller map added to the game's attractiveness. Sharing the story of our wins and disappointments leads us back to the beginning.

    23 august 2023 08:44 2830

    memories fortnite is the best of 2018 the best years of fornite

    23 august 2023 19:10 2830

    i love old fortnite hahaha

    24 august 2023 02:33 2830

    old fortnite was good lol

    29 august 2023 05:37 2830

    i love old fortnite to

    30 august 2023 09:14 2830

    The old one was amazing. we cousin play togather. that was amazing game

    11 june 2024 06:00 2830

    True. Fortnite 2017-2018 was the best. I left the game as Season 9 of Chapter 1 started. Since then I have only played during the OG season, which was pretty good, but very short.
    Even skins were better during first seasons. They had this unique aesthetic to them, but as Epic has gotten contracts with companies like Marvel, the skins completely lost their uniqueness. Just 1:1 copies of superheroes or other famous characters. Meh.

    14 june 2024 21:35 2830

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