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    Is opera gx better now?

    So i installed it a while ago and i was not satisfied with it, so did it improved?

    8 november 2022 10:02 8617

    i use it and it works it has ad blocker and stuff which is cool but i mean its fine so yeah i think it improved

    8 november 2022 10:07 8617

    Yea; i first installed it back when it was just opera, and while GX was coming out and i was ok. I recently reinstalled it and tbh i love it; it's got allot more interesting settings and stuff. They have a pretty good range of games, ad blocker-though its annoying to find, and it pretty clean. I use 4 browsers nd opera and firefox became my main two because of how many settings and stuff you can use!

    8 november 2022 21:06 8617

    i use it and i am very satisfying with the browser

    8 march 2023 11:41 8617

    i think is good because other browser blocked for me

    31 july 2023 00:51 8617

    the browser, i think its the best one out of the others

    31 july 2023 14:13 8617

    I think normal Opera better than Opera Gx

    3 august 2023 17:13 8617

    yes the ram optimization is the best thing you could ask for and you can litterally change the browser how ever you like

    5 august 2023 08:23 8617

    Not only to include the memory, ram, network, cpu limiter, it's an ideal browser for anyone rather then for gamers only. It's recent "presume you are dead" feature is a astounishing feature for me where it deletes and replaces the browsing history with clean and fresh websites where it makes you look like you are innocent when your parents check the browsing history, now I don't have to worry about my search history at all once I enable it

    10 august 2023 15:46 8617

    I will try it

    10 august 2023 17:46 8617

    most definitely even though I use a different browser I'd be using opera gx if the one I'm using didn't exist

    12 august 2023 16:46 8617

    yes i actually love it

    12 august 2023 19:54 8617

    yes, it seems better now

    12 august 2023 22:20 8617

    it is way better now

    13 august 2023 00:16 8617

    i think opera gx better than opera

    10 november 2023 08:19 8617

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