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    Best methods of making SG

    Anyone can share their opinions/experiences making SG for any new users!

    2 october 2022 01:05 1628

    I just got this app and was wondering the best ways of making SG. Any help would be appreciated!

    2 october 2022 01:06 1628

    Complete tasks and surveys

    3 october 2022 13:45 1628

    Watching ads for points takes long but is the easyest way

    4 october 2022 17:32 1628

    In the TV zone you can watch up to 100 ads a day at a SG per ad. Although sometimes you'll get blocked from watching any more ads until you've completed a different task. It's worth trying with the surveys too as they're worth a lot more SGs, although more often than not you won't qualify.

    14 october 2022 01:26 1628

    survey i find are just for Chinese and Slovak, i do not understand. No other language option

    14 october 2022 07:52 1628

    can't find the offers. i think there is apps but can't see the offer walls, what page are they on? thanks :)

    22 october 2022 11:07 1628

    guys who played magnet miner? i finished it but no gems yet

    2 november 2022 21:00 1628

    this is pretty time consuming huh

    3 november 2022 04:00 1628

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