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    Roblox Still in maintenance After 48 hours

    So basically i will be explaining  why roblox is down for longer then 48 hours.
    I will be talking about the fandom of roblox reacting on it and the Rumors


    The fandom of roblox is creating a lot rumors and they are overreacting. Because of roblox being in maintenance for more then 48 hours the fandom of roblox has been creating rumors about Roblox and it has only been 2 days. Kids are the one that mostly overreact 


    Rumor 1: Roblox going bankrupt 

    This rumor isn't real and it got debunked by a youtuber called sharkblox this rumor may be caused 
    because roblox was an billion company and they are in the stocks and since nobody is playing ti 
    the stocks has gone down i'm not really sure about the stocks and that stuff
    but this rumor is fake.
    Abi on Twitter:

    Rumor 2: Chipotle being the reason why it went under maintenance 

    This rumor is about Chipotle Mexicano Grill crossover being the cause of the maintenance.
    Most people think this was real because this game went live at the same day roblox went under maintenance.
    This rumor was confirmed to be fake.
    Chipotle Boorito Maze - Roblox

    The reason why roblox went into maintenance for more then 48 hours:

    there was an outage which has caused the website to go under maintenance for more then 48 hours. They have identified an underlying internal cause of the outage and they are currently performing the needed engineering and maintenance to get roblox running again.

    That's the reason why roblox was down

    OFF-TOPIC:What to do while roblox is under maintenance?

    1.Go outside
    -Going outside has a lot of benefits some examples
    -Relief Stress-It can reduce blood pressure
    -lowers hearth rate
    and so on
    It's just important to go outside once in a while

    2.Play another game during the maintenance
    Just try playing another game while Roblox is trying to get their website and games working again. there are a lot good free games on both PS4 and Steam about Xbox i'm not sure because i don't own one.(my apologies to the Xbox fans)

    3.Try finding new hobbies.
    If you really don't have anything to do while roblox is under maintenance just try different hobbies and maybe you will discover something new about yourself you didn't even know you could do.

    4.Download a fitness app or games that require you to exercise
    Even tough excersise isn't even the subject to this article it is still important in the daily life but if you're not a fan of going outside and more a fan of gaming i would recommend playing a game that require to go outside here are a few examples
    -Pokemon Go 
    -Pikmin Bloom
    and the list goes on.
    (For the FNAF fans there is an game called FNAF AR it's on mobile even tough it doesn't require you to go outside it's still a AR game and a good one) 

    These were things i did while roblox is under maintenance just try one of these 

    Thank you for reading i wish you all a great day 

    16 november 2021 01:09 1625

    im not really sure which is more of a joke: robloxes servers or robloxes copyright system

    20 november 2021 06:37 1625

    Well im happy that its back but I like the article

    20 november 2021 07:31 1625

    I like that article even though roblox is back

    22 november 2021 20:45 1625

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